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The Joy of Bocce 5th Edition
201 pages and 100 photos
updated with new material by Mario Pagnoni

"Finally, a book that takes drill and instruction to the same level as that of basketball, baseball, and other sports. Destined to become the bocce player's bible."
Rico Daniele, President
Wonderful World of Bocce Association

"Answers Yes, Yes, Yes, to the three questions most frequently asked of our organization: Can you tell us how to build a court? Can you show us where to buy equipment? Is there a good book on the subject?"
Donna Allen, Editor
United States Bocce Federation

"Hats off to Masters Press for publishing the first instructional book promoting what has been called the best kept secret in sports and what is now being hailed as the sport of the 21st century"
Phil Ferrari, President
World Bocce Association

"Whether your style is backyard, post-barbecue play, or serious tournament action, this book is right up your alley."
Jeff Joaquim
Backyard, post-barbecue player

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