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Temporary Courts

We're calling these "temporary courts" because we set them up to play (usually indoors on carpet or Astroturf) and break them down when we are finished.

One of our early generations of temporary courts was made up of 6" by 6" by 8' timbers that we laid down end to end to frame off 12' by 72' courts.

We used 33 timbers for each "double" court. We placed 3 at each end (24 feet) and 3 rows of 9 each end to end at right angles to these (the courts shared a middle row of timbers). Thus we framed off a big rectangle enclosing two courts. No hardware - just butted them up neatly. When we needed four courts we framed off another 33 timbers. At the time this cost about $500 worth of timbers for each double court.

This arrangement worked out OK for a while, but the timbers were a bit heavy for some of our old timers to lift. Thus, the next generation...

Vinyl Fence Posts

Note: If you are interested in purchasing a custom built vinyl court as described here, send me an email with the following info - size of play area where the court(s) will be set up, # of courts desired, your zip code. Martignetti Enterprises will generate a price quote including shipping. It will be a one-time cost and might be worth it if you don't have a retired engineer on staff like we do!

We purchased vinyl fence posts from a fence company (they come in various lengths - we opted for 16 footers). They are heavy gauge but hollow, so they are much lighter and easier to set up and break down. The pictorial below gives the basics on how we constructed the four 80' by 12' courts that we presently play on.

Two courts set up with 33 timbers framing off 72' by approx. 11.5' play areas.

Next generation - we purchased the lighter, hollow (but heavy gauge) vinyl fence posts and shipped them to our resident, retired mechanical engineer, Bill Hadley.

Bill cut and glued vinyl sections so they could slide into one another and then clasp with hinges screwed into the tops.

We trucked the 16' sections to our bocce venue which has a 50' by 100' open area with Astroturf.

Two courts set up for play - those are batting cages in the background. The place is actually a baseball/softball practice facility.

Some of the sections are permanently joined to make 32 footers - quicker set up and break down. Pictured is a Bill Hadley built cart for rolling two courts out closer to their set up position.

Four court set-up. Each about 80' by 12'.

We just stack them up against the wall when we are done (one set sits on its rolling cart up against the wall).

Our friends at Martignetti Enterprises came up with another design change - short sections of timber that are inserted one foot or so into each length of fence post. Note the right angle end pieces - this setup requires only an electric screw gun and pre-drilled holes.

These 8' sections are pretty light. Here the Martignettis carry them easily into the freight elevator on their way to the Isaac Mizrahi Show.

We set up a small court on the set of the Isaac Mizrahi Show so that he could play with guest Steve Schirripa of Sopranos fame.

We taught Isaac and his crew how to play and the segment went off beautifully. Mizrahi kept saying "Joy of Bocce.com - I just LOVE that!"

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