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In This Issue: Vol. XI, Issue 33 - November 26, 2012 
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Notes from the publisher
The weekly Ezine for bocce aficionados everywhere
Volume 11, Issue #33 - November 26, 2012
Publisher: Mario Pagnoni Copyright 2012
76 Emsley Terrace, Methuen, MA 01844 (vm 800-211-1202 ext 4949)

Hello again bocce friends,

We've signed on to do another corporate outing at St. Regis in Bal Harbour (Miami Beach) Florida. Photos to follow. Hey...someone has to do them!

We're smack in the middle of corporate bocce outing season. If you'd like to host one for team building, etc., send us an email: .

Stay close and always be up front,
Mario Pagnoni (The Bocce Guy)

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Solano County Bocce.....

Bocce news and readers' feedback...
{Publisher's comments in brackets}

Great Holiday email!

"I thought you might enjoy the mind of an 8 year old. I had a court put in this summer, and my grandson Maximus wanted the train around our Christmas tree to deliver a bocce court to the village he constructed under the tree. This is his court with Santa vs. Snoopy."

{Click the photo for a better view.}


Mario- Attached is info for the tourney I am putting on next February - March at Campo di Bocce of Livermore. First Place is a trip to Rome, ITALY! We will be taking 128 teams of 2! The format will be single elimination, and the participants can never have played in the USBF National Championship! Come one, come all! This Bocce tournament is for the people!

Local and National sponsorships are available from as little as $100! Tens of thousands of people will be exposed to this event! It’s time to put Bocce on the map once and for all!

Please listen to my commercial as well!!

Ciao for now and Aloha!

Benjamin Musolf
Campo di Bocce
408-857-0074 Cellular




Laura Bohdan sends great news of a tourney in Key West, Florida…

I have met you at numerous national bocce events and am friends with Guy Desantis from Mount Vernon and Pete Rabino from Huntington.

have always enjoyed your amazing enthusiasm for the sport we love. I have directed so many people to the Joy Of Bocce website and have gotten many to buy bocce supplies and books from you as I do.

I now live in Key West Florida a short mile away, via a bicycle path, from the bocce courts of the Southernmost Bocce League. What a great life! The Southernmost Bocce League has seven beautiful outdoor courts overlooking the blue Atlantic waters and the National Marine Sanctuary With over 450 members in a city with a population of 25,000 it is one of the largest per capita leagues in the United States.

The whole facility was lovingly and completely rebuilt less than two years ago by our President Neil Mellies and dedicated volunteers. The courts are heavily used even in non league times and have full lighting until 11pm seven days a week.

We get many international visitors in Key West and I often introduce curious bystanders to the game's history, rules, venues within the United States and then invite them to roll some.

I would be honored if you would list the upcoming Southernmost Bocce League tournament January 19-20 2013 This is Martin Luther Kings' birthday weekend. If you have room in the listing please include any of the details above and:

January in Key West is delightful with sunny skies and highs in the upper 60's to mid 70's. A welcome break from the weather up north.

We can work with tournament entrants in obtaining hotel packages and tours.
We expect slots to fill quickly!
Here are the particulars:

January 19-20 2013, Florida, Southernmost Bocce League, Key West
Two player teams. $100/team Double elimination.
$1500 purse based on 40 teams
Contact Neil Mellies 305 304-6595

You may call me at 607 339-1947 for clarification of any information.

Thank You,
Laura Bohdan


Italian For Kids - How to Play Bocce


Paul Myers writes...

"I recently completed a 10X60 court and am struggling with the proper blend of oyster flakes and flour. Is there a preferred proportion between the flake and flour?

{Contact Tom McNutt at for expert advice.}

I am also interested in your score board but see that it is out of stock. Do you have an idea when it might be available.

{Working on it - may be available in March.}

Thank you for your book it has been my guiding light on this project."


Check out the ClubHawk Gold Measure with the ACCU-ARM


Awesome Glo Bocce Light Up Balls - 107 mm

{This set weighs almost 12 lbs. So these are NOT cheap light weight balls. They can be crashed together hard without fear of breaking a ball or the electronics.}


Top Flight Perfetta 4 - ball sets




We should all be card carrying members. Every club should be affiliated. For the sport to gain the attention it needs we need to boast of many thousands of members. Download a USBF Membership Application here: . or



Bocce in the Park...

Perfetta Club Pro set of 4 red, 4 green, pallino, carry bag...

Bortolin Bocce Ball Lifter / Delucchi Bocce Caddy
You have seen Mike Delucchi's ingenious Bocce Caddy, now view Lucio Bortolin's Bocce Lifter - both are outstanding products!

"From the beautiful Sycamore in IL, I'm writing to you to congratulate for the good job you are doing with 'The Joy of Bocce', our members of the 'Bella Vita Bocce Club' enjoy all the interesting articles you publish.

We have in my property a 75'x10' outdoor court with limestone surface that after 8 years is perfectly flat and leveled. We have 15 guys and play every Thursday.
Also since one of the guys has a back problem I designed a 'Bocce Ball Lifter' for him, I have an Architectural and Ornamental Metalwork company - - so this was pretty straightforward for me, in addition I play with a Dell Webb community people - 740 players - and they also started using it with great success, so I decided to offer this product to you to be display in your web site if you think it is interesting.

Below some highlights of the product:
* Can lift any ball size.
* Can lift the pallino.
* Stands straight up.
* Very light and sturdy.
* Any color upon request.
* Priced at only $48.00
* Free S&H
* If requested, a hook for hanging can be welded to the shaft for $4.00
Attached please find some photos.

My best,
Lucio Bortolin"

Check out Mike Delucchi's fine product as well - click below to view.

See Mike Delucchi's Bocce Caddy

Bocce product of the week
Precision Bocce Measures

Choose the Clubhawk Gold, Henselite Bowls, or Premier Boule Measure. You can't go wrong with any of the three choices. Once a bocce aficionado has a set of bocce balls and my book, the next logical acquisition is a first-rate measure.

Each retails for $26.95 plus $6.00 shipping and will be shipped US Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.

Click the photo for more info, pictures, etc.

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Photos of the week
Hello Joy of Bocce,

It has been a while since Honey Brook Bocce corresponded with you. Your publication graciously placed photos of our court construction on your website.

Since the courts were built, we have had tournament after tournament involving the community. We have Spring and Fall tournaments. We have a league using the courts. We started a tradition last November of having a "Turkey" tournament with a full turkey dinner at court side. I wanted to attach some photos of great times happening in Honey Brook PA. 1st photo on left is the courts in use. 2nd photo is stopping play to enjoy the turkey dinner. 3 rd photo is the fun trophies with turkeys on top. 4th photo is the 1st place team "The Turkey Trotters".

Thanks so much for what you do for the sport.

Libby Nixdorf

Click for a look at this week's photos...

Tournament update
{chronological order}



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Please consider designating someone as "official event photographer" and directing that person to send snapshots for us to reproduce as photos of the week. Our readers love seeing bocce action from around the continent.


December 1, 2012 - California - IAC Stockton - OPEN 2 MEN 2 WOMEN PLAYERS. Contact Ron Jacobs @ 209-957-1223.


January 19 & 20, 2013 - Florida - Key West. The Southernmost Bocce League tournament. This is Martin Luther Kings' birthday weekend. We can work with tournament entrants in obtaining hotel packages and tours. We expect slots to fill quickly! Two player teams. $100/team Double elimination. $1500 purse based on 40 teams. Contact Neil Mellies 305 304-6595

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