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Volume #1, Issue #8    February 25, 2002
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In This Issue

* Bocce quote of the week
* Photos of the week
* Tournament Update
* Question of the week
* The skills of the game - some points on pointing
* Bocce product of the week - Perfetta balls
* Non bocce product of the week - glucosamine for the joints


Bocce quote of the week

{Publisher's note:  This true bocce anecdote is rated PG-13 because of adult, suggestive language - puritanical types please skip to the next section (like that's really gonna happen!).

The court at the Chattanooga Southeastern Bocce Tournament is well groomed, compacted and hard, and always plays very fast.  You don't have to impart too much energy to a roll to get the ball coasting all the way to the endboard.  This is truly a game of finesse and touch.  Overlooking the majestic Tennessee River at the Bluff View Arts District, the venue is touted as the most scenic court in the south.  The week-end tourney is limited to 16 teams or so and the court action is always ringed by a throng of fans, friends, and on-lookers.  There are four players per team, two of each situated at either end of the court.  Your teammates play down in one direction and then, after the score is determined for the round, you get to play back in the opposite direction.  Twelve points is the winning score.

One team featured a husband and wife team, both very competitive and quite good players. At a crucial point in the game the wife, situated at one end, was being rooted on by her husband and teammate from the other end.  When she released her important shot the husband knew right away that it was going to be too long.  "Oh no!" he shouted. "That's too hard...way too don't want to roll the ball that hard...what's the matter with you?  Don't you know that's way too hard a roll?"  He was right of course, though not exactly using the tact to "pick your teammate up" as we say in the world of sports.  The ball sailed to the end board and the point was lost.  Spectators looked at the wife, hoping that she would put her overzealous husband in his place.  She didn't disappoint.  In her best southern drawl, the wife shot back with "Listen, sweetheart...of ALL people YOU shouldn't be saying nothin' about HARD."


Photos of the week

I've posted some photos of the venue at the Bluff View Arts District, site of the Chattanooga Southeastern Bocce Tournament described above. Check them out at  This Week's Photos. I think you will agree that it is a most scenic and appealing location.  For more information on the August tournament, click Chattanooga Bocce.   If you come to play this August, you'll get an added bonus - you get to meet me!  I serve as referee for the games.


Tournament Update

George Farruggio reminds us that there is still time to enroll in the Italian/American Bocce Association's double elimination tournament. Termed the Southwest Florida Open, the event will be held on March 9 & 10, 2002 in Punta Gorda, Florida.  The entrance fee is $200 per team (four player teams (one sub allowed) - $7500 in prize money. For more information, contact George at
TELE.# 941-575-0482, FAX # 941-575-6231, or E-MAIL WAM@ISNI.NET. DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION IS FEB. 28, 2002.

The United State Bocce Federation also reminds us that the 2002 United States Championships are coming up in May (May 4th thru 12th) at Los Gatos, CA. For information, email  Better yet, go to their website listed below and click on "bocce events."  That will bring you to the US Bocce Championships page where you can print an entry form or email the event promoters.  The facility is fabulous. Check it out at  campodibocce. Both International style of rules will be played as well as Open Rules.



Question of the week

I love learning about the sport of bocce...the different way people around the country play, the clever terms and phrases they make up to describe their play.  I hope people will REPLY to the Question of the Week so that I can report back in future issues.  My question this week is "Do you have a bocce quote of the week?"  Do you know of a humorous or interesting anecdote that would be of interest to our readers?  If so, please share it. We'll print it here, give you credit, and make you famous (well, two out of three's not bad).  I'm looking for any quote, comment, one-liner, come backer, etc. that would entertain our readers.  Please REPLY.


The skills of the game - some points on pointing

I've always favored rolling the ball off my fingertips like a pure shooter in basketball who gets that nice backspin on the roundball.  With fingertip release in bocce you get a 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock rotation and, with practice, a nice "feel" for the shot.  But you might also want to try other releases. Some let all fingers and thumb go at once, deriving the "touch" from the backswing and release. Still others lob the ball a few feet over the foul line and let the ball run to the target. Try all these techniques and see what works best for you.

Rather than sighting on the target, some players pick a spot out in front of the release point like tenpin bowlers do.  These "spot bowlers" maintain that it is easier to hit a target that is closer. The idea is to first site the target to gauge the distance, then visualize this as you select a spot in front of you that will set the ball on a path to reach that target.  Think of a golfer who looks at the ball, not the hole, when putting. Consider the pro bowler who keys on a spot on the lane rather than the pins.

Ken Dothee of the United States Bocce Federation reminds us that the arm and hand are on the side of the body, while the eyes are in the center. "Line up your arm with the target, not the center of your body," says Dothee. "This allows you to make a straight release and prevents the arm from crossing in front of your body during the delivery."

At any rate, give this technique a try to see if it's worth adding to your repertoire.


Bocce product of the week - Perfetta balls

Many of us believe that the best bocce balls in the world are made in Italy by Perfetta. Iíve worked a deal with Rico Daniele, President of the Wonderful World of Bocce Association, to offer his Perfetta Bocce balls via my website and Ezine. The set is "official" size with four 107 mm red balls, four 107 mm green balls, one white pallino, and a well-constructed nylon carrying bag. Click below to order the Perfetta Set @ $119.00 plus $20.00 shipping anywhere in the USA. Itís not cheap - but itís quality! Comes with a bocce t-shirt and Ricoís promotional book, Bocce, A Sport for Everyone. Ships from Springfield, Massachusetts on the next day. Click the Perfetta Balls link and scroll down a bit to see what the balls and bag look like. Perfetta Balls 


Non bocce product of the week - glucosamine for the joints
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