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Volume #1, Issue #11    March 18, 2002
Publisher: Mario Pagnoni   Copyright 2002

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In This Issue

* Bocce quote of the week
* Tournament update
* Photos of the week
* Question of the week {feedback}
* Bocce product of the week - Premier Boules Measure


Bocce quote of the week

Our bocce quote this week comes from a high school player. Many of us have spent a good deal of time and effort trying to get bocce into the schools. Indeed, I get a lot of orders for my book from physical education teachers who want something that can keep eight to ten kids engaged (often students who might not otherwise be eager to take part in some of the more traditional sports). When I was still teaching at Methuen High School (Northeastern Massachusetts) and coaching varsity baseball, I started an intramural bocce club. We played on the soccer field at the school grounds, and on the stone dust court in my back yard.  A couple from that original group (now college graduates) still play with us "old bucks". A few years back someone sent me a newspaper article from Western Massachusetts describing a club bocce team from Minnechaug Regional High School in Wilbraham. The bocce club advisor joked that his players were "undisputed state champs" because no one else in the Commonwealth was playing. Needless to say our high schoolers fired off a crytic letter declaring that we were the "Eastern Mass. champs" and, of course, demanding a match - winner take all.

Len Hickey, a successful businessman from Wilbraham who has a gorgeous bocce court on his company grounds, offered to host the event. We took the two-hour trip to Western Mass., won the two matches out of three event, and were even treated to dinner by Mr. Hickey. When our kids got back to Methuen High's fieldhouse, they lobbied for a State Championship Bocce Banner, but so far, it hasn't appeared. The quote of the week comes from Eric Brochu, who at the time was a Massachusetts bocce player from Middleboro High School. Down by a lopsided score of 10 to 2, Eric took a deep breath, contemplated the daunting task of engineering an improbable comeback, and declared confidently "I have not yet begun to bocce!"  


Tournament Update

George  Farruggio of Punta Gorda, Florida sends results of his 3rd Southwest Florida Open bocce Tournament:

1st. Place = From Cape Coral - Alberto Carlesimo Capt., Frank Salvagio, Sal Falgone, Skinny Batista & Sub. Tony Tessicini.

2nd. Place = From Cape Coral - George Furlan Capt., Guilio Balzano, Donato, Joe Calabrese.

3rd. Place = From Hollywood - Mike Capozzi Capt., Mario Capozzi, Benito Iccari, Bill Vanderman, Nino Marino Sub.

NEW - April 13, 2002 - Open rules tournament at Campo di Bocce and hosted by the Los Gatos Bocce Club.  Entry fee is $25.00.  A full lunch will be served (with wine), and prize money will be allocated depending on the number of teams.  Contact Bill Schleaffer 408.379.9409 or Ben Musolf 408.395.7650 to register (looking to host 16 to 20 teams). 

Self proclaimed "bocce bum" Ben Musolf says "I am the league coordinator for Campo di Bocce and one of the Co-Chairman for the National Bocce Championships. Please DO NOT hesitate to call me regarding any questions concerning the event @ 408.857.0074."

May 4th - 12th - The United State Bocce Federation - 2002 United States Championships are coming to Los Gatos, CA. Go to their website listed below and click on "bocce events." That will bring you to the US Bocce Championships page where you can print an entry form or email the event promoters. The facility is fabulous. Check it out at Both International style of rules will be played as well as Open Rules.

May 18 & 19, 2002 - Ken Waldie Senior Sports Circuit, Inc. bocce tourney. Ken was a friend of mine who was lost due to the madness that was 9/11/01. I've formed a 501-C3 in his name that will run softball, basketball, and bocce for seniors (age 50 and over - exception - no age restriction for bocce). This bocce tournament will be the kick-off event for the Ken Waldie SSC. We'll play four-player teams at Home Run Park in Lawrence, Massachusetts. There will be a Novice Division for beginners (entry fee just $40) and an Open Division (entry fee $80). Winners awarded sweatshirts or jackets with our new Ken Waldie SSC logo and runners-up get their entry fee refunded. We hope to attract lots of newcomers to bocce to promote the game. Also, we hope many will participate to support our effort to establish a sports circuit in honor of our friend Ken Waldie. REPLY, give your address and ask for a flyer. I'll snail mail an entry form with more details.

August, 2002  - Chattanooga Southeastern Tournament. "The most scenic court in the South." For more information on the August tournament (and photos), click If you come to play this August, you'll get an added bonus - you get to meet me! I serve as referee for the games.

September 8, 2002 - Sunshine Village Universal Bocce Bowl - Szot Park, Chicopee, Massachusetts.  Four player teams - Entrance fee = $200 (fee includes competition, T-shirt, lunch and dinner for all players) - For more information call 413-592-6142. If you come to play this September, you'll get an added bonus - you get to meet me and my teammates from Home Run Park in Lawrence, Massachusetts.



Photos of the week

Here's just one more reason to visit Boston. You can go to the North End and have great Italian food - pick any restaurant - you can't miss at any of the family-run dining establishments. Walk around the Hanover Street district and soak in the ambiance. Locating Italian pastry for dessert is as easy as following your nose. Top the night off by strolling over to Commercial Street where there are three nifty bocce courts overlooking the Charles River. There are bocce ball sets there for regulars and passers-by to use and return when finished. You can enjoy a relaxing game and soak in the historic aura of the area (you can even view the Bunker Hill Monument and "Old Ironsides" from the courts. 

Check it out at 


Question of the week
{Feedback from last week - new question}

Bill Kintana of the Martinez Bocce Federation asked, "What is the best method known to date to clean, and or somewhat restore the bocce balls we use? At our facility, In Martinez, California, we have 14 courts, along with 15 sets of balls. I would be most grateful for any information on cleaning techniques."

No one REPLYed with a suitable answer, so here is a chance for me to pitch my "Non Bocce Product Of The Week" {Hey, bocce's great, but I'm always on the look-out for all kinds of good products for my readers}.

My company offers a line of cleaning products that are earth-friendly, hospital grade, and economical. The heavy duty concentrate might be just the thing for polishing up those old bocce balls. It works extremely well on tile and formica, carpets, ovens, and just about anything else you might want to clean. Since it's a concentrate, you mix it with water (following the directions) and you get a lot of mileage out of a single $9.50 bottle. Here's my personal testimonial... I visited my neighbor one evening last summer, unaware that he had just filled in the cracks in his driveway with tar. Yes, I tracked the black stuff on his white, living room carpet. I was mortified. Recalling the words of legendary LSU baseball coach Skip Bertman, who said..."A winner accepts respnsibility for everything that happens to him. A loser points the finger at everybody else"...I said... "What the heck's the matter with you people? Don't you put signs up or sawhorses in the driveway?" Gathering myself, I offered to "check with some people in my company who know more about the cleaning products than I do, and get back to you tommorrow." I made a few calls and was told to apply the heavy duty concentrate full strength, supply a little "elbow grease" and hope for the best. The next day, after the tar had already cured, I followed the instructions I was given, and Success! - the spot was eradicated. Check the product out at


Bocce product of the week - Premier Boules Measure

The Prohawk International measuring devices have been a big hit in this Ezine. I've placed photos on my website that clearly illustrate the products' features. They are very high quality and sell for about 20% less than comparable products I've seen elsewhere. My favorite is The Premier Boule Measure. It is a tape measure (extends to 2 meters - about 6  feet) with self-locking mechanism, calipers, and a game scoring mechanism. Makes a great gift for the bocce lover in your life. Every serious bocce player (and not-so-serious player) should have one. Please check them out at


Merchandise available at

Check out the first-rate equipment we offer.  The finest measuring devices for bocce (made in UK by Prohawk for lawn bowling, petanque, and bocce) - the finest bocce balls in the world (made in Italy by Perfetta) and the number one selling instructional book on bocce in America - Click to check them out.