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 In This Issue: Vol. I, Issue 41 - October 28, 2002 
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 Notes from the publisher
The Joy of Bocce Weekly
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Volume #1, Issue #41 October 28, 2002
Publisher: Mario Pagnoni Copyright 2002

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 Readers' feedback
{Publisher’s comments in brackets}

Dr. Cordano writes to comment on last week’s issue on International Bocce Rules at the North American Bocce Championship.

“Just had the JOY of reading it and looks like you have played with the international rules all along and have enjoyed the "new" game you have discovered.

There were many wonderful and high quality bocce games and you saw in action many of the best players in North America. We know that there must be many other good players out there that can play with these rules and we invite them to join the NATIONALS in Chicago in 2003. The winners will be going to ITALY to play the world team competition with the same three modalities you have seen.

{By the same three modalities Dr. C. refers to Punto, Raffa, Volo competition}

We discussed in Chicago about the pointing and the last game was living proof that a high quality pointer can turn around a game and win a championship when the shooter or "hitter" misses a couple of shooting attempts. It was evident too, that you need more than one player playing very well in a team competition in order to win.

{Most of the top players seem to agree that a quality pointer is more important than an excellent hitter. Indeed, the Canadian team entered a solid pointer as a substitute when they fell behind in the final series, and he helped turn the game around.}

With your help and that of all the others interested in our future Olympic sport I'm sure that bocce will be at an even higher level of popularity, as well as becoming a force at the world level.



From Pete Rabito of the Long Island Bocce Club…

“Your last ezine was fantastic! I would love to have been there. This is why I sent you the question a couple of weeks ago, for those of us who can’t experience Bocce on a "professional" level. Some of the players must have been a pleasure to watch. I was very interested in the rules. Sounds complicated but I guess like everything else, you get used to it.

Are the matches very long? If the referee marks every ball and replaces them when hit inadvertently, it seems that the match can go on forever. Is there more then one referee?”

{Thanks, Pete…yes, the players were a pleasure to watch. It was interesting to note that so many high level players could have such varying styles, especially in pointing. Some stepped forward as they rolled, some planted their feet, some delivered from directly in front of their body, others slightly to the side. Dr. Cordano told me “There is only one rule in pointing. Leave the ball in front of the pallino.”

The matches can tend to be long. Sometimes they set a time limit. But skilled players tell me that experienced referees know how to manage the pace and keep the game moving so that the length of matches is nearly comparable to that of open rules matches. These games had only one referee, but you could use one for watching the foul lines and another marking the balls and measuring points.}


Tom McNutt who is the originator of a bocce scoreboard t-shirt is working on an updated version that will use Velcro or some other method other than pins. Here is an update…

“Just returned from our first family bocce tournament. My wife and I teamed up with some American bowling friends and entered the Festa Seattle Tourney. There were 24 teams the first day. We were 5th of 24 and were proud to be a part. The shirt was highly praised by all although the "pins were again brought up...I am working on Velcro but so far price is a problem so I am considering many options. Should be something out before Christmas.”

{Anxiously awaiting this clever t-shirt idea – check Tom’s web site at}

Check out Tom McNutt's bocce site

 Photos of the week
We were flooded with emails about last week’s issue on International Bocce. Most were from those who had no idea that such a level of bocce even existed. So, last week’s pics are held over by popular demand. The edition was devoted entirely to the North American Bocce Championships held recently in Highwood, IL. It was my first experience with international style play and the text and photos document my reaction. The rules are much more stringent than we back-yard bocce players are used to, but the skill level and excitement was undeniable. This is the game that promoters hope to see in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (the Chinese LOVE bocce and have the option of selecting a new sport when the games are held in their country). So, the issue and photos were meant to broaden my own horizons and the horizons of those readers who have yet to experience the international game.

{Please send bocce photos from different areas of the USA. The Joy of Bocce Weekly features too many photos from the East - need pics from the "left coast" and the South & Mid-America too. I'd love to post them here on "This Week's Photos."}

Photos of the week

 Bocce product of the week
Premier Boules Measure

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 Non bocce product of the week
Glucosatrin for healthy joints

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