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Volume #1, Issue #14    April 8, 2002
Publisher: Mario Pagnoni   Copyright 2002

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Disclaimer: Hey, I don't claim to be a bocce pro. Heck, I'm not even a very good player - but no one loves the sport more than I do. My contribution is in having interviewed many of the top players and then assembling the information into a concise, easy-to-read book. Then I launched this Ezine. 

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In This Issue

* Bocce quote of the week
* Question of the week - feedback, The Learning Channel & Bocce?
* Photos of the week - Mt. Carmel Society
* Non bocce product of the week - glucosamine for healthy joints
* Bocce product of the week - Clubhawk Gold
* Tournament Update - NEW this week - Barrington, NH


Bocce quote of the week

The bocce quote of the week comes from Carla Apruzzese of the United Kingdom. Carla spent some time in South Africa where her husband Enzo played a lot of bocce for the Italian Club in Johannesburg. Carla claims that there are lots of Italians in South Africa and many non-Italians are playing bocce as well. Since leaving South Africa, Enzo has rarely played the game he loves so much. Carla's very telling quote - "I think he gets withdrawal symptoms sometimes because he misses Bocce so much."
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Question of the week - feedback

Last week we told of the associate producer from The Learning Channel's "A Dating Story" telephoning us and asking for the location of an indoor bocce court in New York City. They're filming a segment about a young couple going on a "bocce date" in the Big Apple. They'll go to the park and enjoy a game of bocce and...see where the relationship goes from there. The phone call was for a little bocce background info, and also to locate an indoor court in case of rain (to me, the indoor court takes some of the charm away from the date). 

Donna Allen from the US Bocce Federation responded quickly with...
"Mario: There is lovely indoor court at the Il Vagabondo restaurant in New York. It may not be outdoor, but it has been around for many, many years and is a real classic."

Philip M. Henry of Oxbow, North Dakota (a transplanted New Yorker) expressed a sentiment that was shared by many...
"Shooting the scene in a park would be my first choice, too. But, if it has to be done indoors, filming the scene on a court inside a restaurant probably isn't a bad alternative."

As soon as The Joy of Bocce Weekly learns the date that the piece will air, we'll get the word out here.
{Note: The author is always looking for photos that would be of interest to our of indoor and outdoor courts, equipment, venues, anything remotely related to the sport we love. Email .jpg files or whatever format is convenient for you to}


Photos of the week - Mt. Carmel Society Courts, Springfield, Mass.

This week's photos come from the south end of Springfield, Massachusetts. In the private sector, these courts belong to the popular Mt. Carmel Society. To promote the growth of the game we love, we need to get more courts in the public sector. Anyway, club members and guests can play on these courts any time as long as league play is not in progress. Western Massachusetts is a hotbed of bocce. They play the backboard live even if a rolled ball does not strike another ball. This style creates a lot more "hitting" because players guard against an opponent driving the object ball to the backboard at the end of a frame to snare multiple points. They reason this way... "I may as well try to hit my opponent's point away." {Even if it's not that close to the pallino}. "If I miss, at least we'll have a ball at the backboard."

The other thing that bugs me about Western Mass. play is that players stand inside and mill around the court while you make your shot from the other end. Of course, if you inform them that you are going to "hit" or "spock" as some say, they'll exit quickly. But otherwise, you are likely to have teammates give you a "visual" by standing in the exact spot they want you to roll your ball. It wouldn't be so bad if they gave the instructions and then left the field of play, but they stay right there until the ball comes to rest. 

Check the courts out at 


Non bocce product of the week - glucosamine for healthy joints
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Bocce product of the week - Clubhawk Gold Measures

The Premier Boules Measures have been flying off the shelf lately. But our subscribers are overlooking an equally fine measure in the Clubhawk Gold. Using a string rather than a steel tape, this is an extremely accurate measuring device. It extends a couple feet farther than the Premier, has the same calipers for close measurements, and even has a belt clip. Click below to see more photos showing its features in detail. Retails for $19.95 plus $4.00 shipping anywhere in the USA.


Tournament update {chronological order}

April 13, 2002 - Open rules tournament at Campo di Bocce and hosted by the Los Gatos Bocce Club.  Entry fee is $25.00.  A full lunch will be served (with wine), and prize money will be allocated depending on the number of teams. Contact Bill Schleaffer 408.379.9409 or Ben Musolf 408.395.7650 to register. 

NEW - April 21, 2002 - Doubles tournament in Barrington, NH @ "Dante's Pasta and Primo Vino." Buffet, Prizes, Surprises. Entry fee of $30 per person includes gourmet buffet. Call Dante D'Antilio @ 603-664-4000.

May 4th - 12th - The United State Bocce Federation - 2002 United States Championships are coming to Los Gatos, CA. Go to their website listed below and click on "bocce events." That will bring you to the US Bocce Championships page where you can print an entry form or email the event promoters. The facility is fabulous. Check it out at Both International style of rules will be played as well as Open Rules.

May 18 & 19, 2002 - Ken Waldie Senior Sports Circuit, Inc. bocce tourney. Ken was a friend of mine who was lost due to the madness that was 9/11/01. I've formed a 501-C3 in his name that will run softball, basketball, and bocce for seniors (age 50 and over - exception - no age restriction for bocce). We'll play four-player teams at Home Run Park in Lawrence, Massachusetts. There will be a Novice Division for beginners (entry fee just $40) and an Open Division (entry fee $80). Winners awarded sweatshirts or jackets with our new Ken Waldie SSC logo and runners-up get their entry fee refunded. We hope to attract lots of newcomers to bocce to promote the game. Also, we hope many will participate to support our effort to establish a sports circuit in honor of our friend Ken Waldie. REPLY, give your address and ask for a flyer. I'll snail mail an entry form with details.

August, 2002  - Chattanooga Southeastern Tournament. "The most scenic court in the South." For more information on the August tournament (and photos), click If you come to play this August, you'll get an added bonus - you get to meet me! I serve as referee for the games.

September 8, 2002 - Sunshine Village Universal Bocce Bowl - Szot Park, Chicopee, Massachusetts. Four player teams - Entrance fee = $200 (fee includes competition, T-shirt, lunch and dinner for all players) - For more information call 413-592-6142. If you come to play this September, you'll get an added bonus - you get to meet me and my teammates from Home Run Park in Lawrence, Massachusetts.



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