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Volume #1, Issue #10    March 11, 2002
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In This Issue

* Bocce quote of the week
* Tournament update
* Photos of the week
* Question of the week
* Top ten reasons to play bocce
* Bocce product of the week - The Joy of Bocce
* Non bocce product of the week - odor & stain eliminators


Bocce quote of the week

When I introduced bocce to my friend Walter, he took to it right away. A competitive, athletic type, Walt likes softball, racquetball, and karate. He particularly enjoys the strategic aspects of bocce, like leaving a ball in front to block, tapping the pallino to another, more advantageous position, and thinking ahead a move or two. This cerebral aspect of our sport is missed by most beginners. They enjoy playing. They begin to get better at the sport. But, once they see the broader picture - that the game involves tactics and maneuvers that require advance planning, they are hooked.  Sure, you still need good touch and finesse, some occasional brute force, and even a little luck, but this is a pensive person's pastime. "This game is a lot like chess" says Walter. "The problem is, I know where I want to put the pieces, but I can't always get them there."   


Tournament Update

NEW - Ken Waldie Senior Sports Circuit, Inc. bocce tourney. Ken was a friend of mine who was lost due to the madness that was 9/11/01. I've formed a 501-C3 in his name that will run softball, basketball, and bocce for seniors (age 50 and over - exception - no age restriction for bocce). This bocce tournament (May 18 & 19) will be the kick-off event for the Ken Waldie SSC. We'll play four-player teams at Home Run Park in Lawrence, Massachusetts. There will be a Novice Division for beginners or those who never played before (entry fee just $40) and an Open Division for everyone else (entry fee $80). Winners awarded sweatshirts or jackets with our new Ken Waldie SSC logo and runners-up get their entry fee refunded. We hope to attract lots of newcomers to bocce to promote the game. Also, we hope many will participate to support our effort to establish a sports circuit in honor of our friend Ken Waldie. REPLY, give your address and ask for a flyer. I'll snail mail an entry form with more details.

The United State Bocce Federation - 2002 United States Championships are coming up in May (May 4th thru 12th) at Los Gatos, CA. Go to their website listed below and click on "bocce events."  That will bring you to the US Bocce Championships page where you can print an entry form or email the event promoters.  The facility is fabulous. Check it out at Both International style of rules will be played as well as Open Rules.

Chattanooga Southeastern Tournament. "The most scenic court in the South." For more information on the August tournament (and photos), click If you come to play this August, you'll get an added bonus - you get to meet me! I serve as referee for the games.

Sunshine Village Universal Bocce Bowl - September 8, 2002 - Szot Park, Chicopee, Massachusetts.  Four player teams - Entrance fee = $200 (fee includes competition, T-shirt, lunch and dinner for all players) - For more information call 413-592-6142. If you come to play this September, you'll get an added bonus - you get to meet me and my teammates from Home Run Park in Lawrence, Massachusetts.



Photos of the week

This week, for two reasons, I've left posted the photos of our indoor bocce set-up at Home Run Park in Lawrence, Massachusetts. First, there was a web site glitch last week that prevented all four photos from appearing. Second, we've decided to host a tournament there to kick off our Ken Waldie Senior Sports Circuit (see Tournament Update above). The venue is a baseball/softball facility where players rent time in the batting/pitching cages to hone their skills for the coming season. We've worked a deal with the owner so that we can play bocce there during the cold, New England winter. We've built a temporary court out of two by sixes (twelve feet long). A batting cage is 72 feet long, so we've placed six of these twelve-footers end to end and fashioned a 12- by 72-foot court. We've inserted dowels in the ends so that each board fastens to the next without the use of tools. Storing the boards at Home Run Park (an old mill building from Lawrence's glory days) makes it easy for us to take 10 minutes or so to set up on the Astroturf carpet before beginning to play.

Check out the court(s) at 
Come to play with us in a "low key" event - no big money cash prizes - just bocce and fun!


Question of the week
{Feedback from last week - new question}

Last week we asked about when people's bocce seasons got under way.
As I had suspected, unless living in a mild climate, most readers say they start playing bocce in March or April, as soon as weather permits.
Those that have facilities for indoor play are generally in the private sector (social clubs, Sons of Italy, Elks lodges, etc.). Punta Gorda, Floridians are playing all year round (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, says George Farruggio). And that was no surprise - those lucky Floridians!

Even some Californians get started in April. Bill Kintana of the Martinez Bocce Federation says they are "making plans for our annual court clean-up day (1st week in April) as well as many needed repairs and such." The question of the week comes from him and, since I have no ready answer, I hope a reader will. Kintana asks, "What is the best method known to date to clean, and or somewhat restore the bocce balls we use. At our facility, In Martinez, California, we have 14 courts, along with 15 sets of balls. I would be most grateful for any information on cleaning techniques."

If you can help with an answer please REPLY. We'll report back next week.


Top ten reasons to play bocce
{adapted from promotional material from the staff of the Chattanooga Southeastern Tournament - apologies to David Letterman}

10) It's safer than rugby

9)  No annoying grass stains to worry about

8)  No special shoes required

7)  You can commune with nature while waiting your turn

6)  Chicks dig it!

5)  So do the guys, gals

4)  It's fun just to say "Bocce"

3)  "Bocce" is Italian for "really cool people"

2)  This could be the one sport you might actually be any good at!

and the number one most popular reason to play bocce...

1) Refreshments are always just steps away!


Bocce product of the week - The Joy of Bocce

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The Game
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The Game, A Closer Look
The Game As Played on Official Courts
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Strategy & Tactics
Building A Backyard Court
Tournament Play & Rules
International Play
A Brief History Lesson

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