The Joy of Bocce Weekly
 In This Issue: Volume 1, Issue 21, May 27, 2002 
•   Notes from the publisher
•   Bocce product of the week - The Joy of Bocce
•   Bocce and public relations
•   Non bocce product of the week - *NEW - Blood Sugar Stabilizer
•   Photos of the week - outdoor courts in Old Lyme, Connecticut
•   Tournament update {chronological order}
 Notes from the publisher
The Joy of Bocce Weekly
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Volume #1, Issue #21 May 27, 2002
Publisher: Mario Pagnoni Copyright 2002

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Disclaimer: Hey, I don't claim to be a bocce pro. Heck, I'm not even a very good player - but no one loves the sport more than I do. My contribution to the game is in having interviewed many of the top players and then assembling the information into a concise, easy-to-read book. What I've created is comparable to what others have done for basketball, soccer, and other sports.

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A word about ads: Like any entrepreneurial type, I'd love to turn a profit from something I really enjoy. For now, I have decided not to accept paid advertisements. If I pitch a product here, it is something I have examined and tested and deem it beneficial to our readers.


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Did you check the new United States Bocce Federation's website ( for results of the nationals held in California recently? It's worth a look. There are photos and info there including what has to be the most unique and novel team name of all time - "Drinking Team With a Bocce Problem."

Check out the USBF updated website

 Bocce and public relations
I've been doing quite a few radio and newspaper interviews recently and a pattern is emerging. There is a lot more interest in bocce than I have seen in recent years. Maybe that big explosion into America's national consciousness is at hand. But, there is still that segment of the population that has no idea what the game is about. Talk show hosts continue to ask "How do you play?" and "What is the object?" And callers to the radio station ask if bocce is similar to shuffleboard, lawn bowls, and boules. Most obvious is that bocce still suffers from an "image problem". People envision cranky old coots smoking cigars and drinking wine while engaged in "geriatric lawn bowling". And the tone of voice and demeanor of the talk show hosts often reveal their sense that bocce is not really to be taken seriously. While chatting with the very capable John Donabie of CSRB in Toronto the other day (the largest talk radio show in Canada) the sports director chimed in with "Hey Mario, is there any checking in bocce?"

Those of us promoting this wonderful sport still have our work cut out for us. The up side is that virtually everyone we introduce the game to enjoys it. Anyone can play, regardless of age, strength or physical condition. If you can roll a ball about the size and weight of a candlepin bowling ball, you can play. Having moved slowly but steadily away from its ethnic and male dominated upbringing, bocce has reached the mainstream. It's really only a matter of time.

 Photos of the week - outdoor courts in Old Lyme, Connecticut
I made a quick trip to visit relatives in Old Lyme, Connecticut this Memorial Day Week-end. Within walking distance of the beach home where I stayed are two bocce venues. The summer resort area has more than its share of Italians, but all nationalities seem to be enjoying bocce by the water. These "gated communities" have colorful names like Hawk's Nest and Miami Beach. Occasional informal bocce tournaments are often on the entertainment cards of the vacationers. Check the courts out by clicking the link below.

Check out this week's photos...

 Bocce product of the week - The Joy of Bocce
Still available - The Joy of Bocce (128 pages - 7" X 10" B/W Photos & Diagrams ISBN 1-57028-044-4) The first instructional book on bocce in America.

Chapters Include:

The Game
The Terminology
The Game, A Closer Look
The Game As Played on Official Courts
The Equipment
Strategy & Tactics
Building A Backyard Court
Tournament Play & Rules
International Play
A Brief History Lesson

Here's what people are saying about The Joy of Bocce:

"Hats off to Masters Press for publishing the first instructional book promoting what has been called the best kept secret in sports and what is now being hailed as the sport of the 21st century"

Phil Ferrari, President
World Bocce Association

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 Non bocce product of the week - *NEW - Blood Sugar Stabilizer
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 Tournament update {chronological order}
Please - anyone running a tournament - do me a favor - put a notice near your tourney bracket board informing players that they can go to and "opt in" for my FREE Ezine on bocce.

June 7, 2002 - Unico Tourney at Forest Park, Springfield, Mass. Two player teams - one must be a member of a recognized Unico Chapter. Entry fee of $40 includes "gourmet picnic". For info email Rico Daniele @ or call 1-800-BOCCE54.

June 23, 2002 - Open Bocce Tournament in Downey, California. Held at Apollo Park Downey Senior Center. Entry fee = $35 per person or $140 per team. Includes coffee and doughnuts at the 8:30 AM meeting and lunch at noon. Also, you get 3 chances to win round trip air faire to Italy - sponsored by Merano Tours of Los Angeles. Accepting 16 to 24 teams - double elimination event. Contact Perry Michienza @ 562-869-8782 or email or fax 562-8691772.

June 29, 2002, there will be a charity bocce fundraising event to be held in Charleston, SC. Team fee is $400, 32 teams already registered (double elimination). The proceeds go to Special Olympics. More info: e-mail

August, 2002 - Chattanooga Southeastern Tournament. "The most scenic court in the South." For more information on the August tournament (and photos), click If you come to play this August, you'll get an added bonus - you get to meet me! I serve as referee for the games.

August 24 and 25 - IL PRIMO PENNSYLVANIA BOCCE INVITATIONAL, Scranton, Pennsylvania. August 1st = entry deadline.
The biggest bocce competition on the East Coast. Open Division as well as Novice with four-player teams in each (all roll one ball), and tournament is open to both men and women. Entry fee $30.00 per player for the Open Division and $20.00 per player for the Novice - ALL entry fees going toward cash prizes. Guaranteed minimum first place cash prize of $1,000.00 in the Open Division and $400.00 first place prize in Novice Division. Contact: Jim Cawley @ or call (1 800 229-3526)

September 8, 2002 - Sunshine Village Universal Bocce Bowl - Szot Park, Chicopee, Massachusetts. Four player teams - Entrance fee = $200 (fee includes competition, T-shirt, lunch and dinner for all players) - For more information call 413-592-6142. If you come to play this September, you'll get an added bonus - you get to meet me and my teammates from Home Run Park in Lawrence, Massachusetts.



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