The Joy of Bocce Weekly
 In This Issue: Vol. 1, Issue 22, 6/2/02 Copyright Mario Pagnoni 
•   Notes from the publisher
•   Photos of the week - backyard court in Bradford, Mass.
•   Readers' feedback
•   Bocce product of the week - Perfetta Bocce Balls
•   Mariucci celebrity tournament info
•   Non bocce product of the week - joint problems/arthritis slowing your game?
 Notes from the publisher
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Disclaimer: Hey, I don't claim to be a bocce pro. Heck, I'm not even a very good player - but no one loves the sport more than I do. My contribution to the game is in having interviewed many of the top players and then assembling the information into a concise, easy-to-read book. What I've created is comparable to what others have done for basketball, soccer, and other sports.

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 Readers' feedback
I was honored and humbled to get positive feedback from Dr. Angel Cordano, one of the top bocce players in the world today. He shares some excellent ideas for the sport in this excellent letter. Publisher's comments in {brackets}.

First of all congratulations for the enjoyable Joy of Bocce, that I eagerly read every week. You are doing a great service to our sport by exposing what's going on all over the US.

Also, I would like to say thanks for the picture and comments about our team in your 1/31/02 publication. I'm sure that in the future we will see more and more tournaments with purses that will entice players to travel. Good sponsors will be the key for progress since we have so many good organizers spread all over the US. {Dr. Cordano and his teammates won the SuperBall Classic held at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas where I served as Games Official. He alludes to a photo of his winning team that I ran last January - reprinted here, that's Dr. Cordano second from the right}

I could write books about this beautiful sport, which by 2008 will become Olympic in Cina according to European sources. For many years it has already been played at the Mediterranean Games and for almost 20 years many world competitions have taken place. I have had the honor to play for the US team seven times and the pride felt in representing our great country can't be described.

The US has innumerable players scattered all over, playing almost independently on their local turf and it is time to get together (don't know how...) in order to become a world power. There is so much to do, but I would like to see... 1) that we can play with similar size and weight bocce balls - I want to congratulate Mr. Rico Daniele, the USBF and others who promote bocce balls of 107 mm and 920 grams, since those are the official measurements at world level competition. {These balls available from Daniele by clicking the Perfetta Link at Bocce Product of the Week below}
2) We should keeep having tournaments with the so called OPEN rules and AT THOSE events, HAVE EXHIBITION GAMES (20 minutes in duration), by TOP PLAYERS, so everybody is exposed to the International rules. By doing so, some players may be interested in working toward competing for the US in the future. {I absolutely LOVE this idea} The so called recreational type of game should go on, but we must foster bocce at the higher level too.

Just want to mention that here in Florida there is bocce all over and I invite you to come to play at my club; Sons of Italy of St. Petersburg where we have solved the problem of constant maintenance which is the most nagging situation for anyone wanting to play bocce on a "decent," even court. A year ago we decided to CARPET our HARD CLAY surfaces with a good IN-OUT carpet and now, we just BLOW the leaves and debris from the court. I think that we may be the only ones in the US with carpets on outside courts, but it works! {I wonder about drainage after rainstorms}

Well, I'll stop here and promise to keep contact with you if you like to keep exchanging ideas and suggestions about our beloved game. {Who wouldn't want to exchange ideas with such a noted and experienced master of the game?} As a physician I consider bocce as a good sport for excercise if it is played singles, doubles and triples, so players go up and down the court. Do you know that the US is the ONLY place in the world that players are STATIONARY and the end of the court - 4 and 4? {I didn't know that. One problem my group has is that we often have 12 players and only one court. So, we play games to 8 points with teams of 4 per side. We play two games and sit one, so that there is little "down time" for players. Four players stay at each end. I'm sure walking 60 to 90 feet to the other end of the court would be good for us, but it's not exactly an aerobic feat - do readers have other good suggestions for play when the players to court ratio is high? Please REPLY}.

Note : I heard that a physician is "in charge" of the MOST scenic court in the US (Chattanooga) and would like to hear from him and go and play with my wife one of these week-ends or in the August tournament.

Keep then rolling.
Dr. Angel Cordano

 Mariucci celebrity tournament info
Mariucci celebrity tournament info

Bob Ryan of Livermore, California alerted us to "...the San Francisco 49'rs fund raising Bocce Tournament coming up. It is a celebrity tournament with an entry fee of $5000.00 for each of 24 teams. It is already sold out except for one team which is being auctioned off one member at a time to the four highest bidders. All kinds of celebrities are playing, many for the first time. It's the brain-child of Steve Mariucci (of course) and will be held in mid-June. They expect to reap over $200,000.00 for charity. That's really stimulated interest in Bocce. Radio Station KGO is holding the auction for the "at large" team."

Details follow: {You'll have to hurry - the event is June 5th}


Proceeds from this KGO Listener Club Online Auction benefit the San Francisco 49ers Foundation. The 49ers Foundation is dedicated to supporting Northern California communities by providing financial and other support to education, health-care programs and programs that encourage, enrich and empower disadvantaged youth. Established in July, 1991 as a 501(c)(3) organization, the 49ers Foundation serves as the team's not-for-profit charitable arm. Over the past five years, the Foundation has contributed over $1,000,000 to community-based organizations that enhance the quality of life and well being of disadvantaged youth.


Join the KGO listener team and play in Coach Mariucci's Celebrity Bocce Ball Tournament at Campo Di Bocce in Los Gatos Wednesday, June 5. This exclusive charity event is not open to the public. You'll rub shoulders with San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Steve Mariucci, NFL broadcaster John Madden, Giants great Willie Mays, 49ers Pro-bowl quarterback Jeff Garcia, actor Danny Glover, 49ers alumni Harris Barton, San Jose Sharks Greg Jamison, ESPN's Adrea Kremer and Olympic Champion Peggy Flemming. To be among the four lucky members of Team KGO at this sold-out tournament, just be one of the four highest bidders here. The team of four will have a different celebrity join you each game and will play with an unnamed bocce "pro". Be the highest bidder on record as of 12:00pm PT (noon), Monday, June 3, 2002, and this chance to join Team KGO at the tournament is yours! Proceeds from the auction will benefit the San Francisco 49ers Foundation.

The winning bidders will receive:
∑ One (1) admission to the Coach Mariucci Celebrity Bocce Ball Tournament Wednesday, June 5, 2002 at Campo de Bocce in Los Gatos.
∑ One position on the KGO Bocce Ball team.
∑ Cocktails and dinner at the tournament.
∑ An official Celebrity Bocce Tournament polo shirt reserved only for players.
Total Value = $1,200
Auction/Participant Restrictions:
∑ Bidder must be 18-years-of-age or older.
∑ Bidder must be a California resident.
∑ Winning bidders must participate in the tournament in Los Gatos, CA Wednesday, June 5, 2002.
∑ The San Francisco 49ers Foundation will require the winning bidders to sign a release.
∑ No substitutions or refunds.

Click here to bid or get more info on the contest

 Photos of the week - backyard court in Bradford, Mass.
This week's flicks show exactly what we mean when we advise people to put whatever size court fits into your backyard and/or your pocketbook. Del Bracci had only 45 feet on the side of his house that he could use for bocce. He carefully planned and built a beautiful court that is nestled neatly into the environment. Check out our Monday morning bocce crew playing at his home court by clicking the link below.

Check out the photos

 Bocce product of the week - Perfetta Bocce Balls
Yes, these balls are the very same dimensions that Dr. Cordano talks about above. Many of us believe that the best bocce balls in the world are made in Italy by Perfetta. Iíve worked a deal with Rico Daniele, President of the Wonderful World of Bocce Association, to offer his Perfetta Bocce balls via my website and Ezine. The set is "official" size with four 107 mm red balls, four 107 mm green balls, one white pallino, and a well-constructed nylon carrying bag. Click below to order the Perfetta Set @ $119.00 plus $24.00 shipping anywhere in the USA. Itís not cheap - but itís quality! Comes with a bocce t-shirt and Ricoís promotional book, Bocce, A Sport for Everyone. Ships from Springfield, Massachusetts on the next day (sometimes the same day).

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 Non bocce product of the week - joint problems/arthritis slowing your game?
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