The Joy of Bocce Weekly
 In This Issue: Vol. II, Issue 11 - March 17, 2003 
•   Notes from the publisher
•   Bocce product of the week
•   Collegium Cosmicum ad Buxeas
•   Non bocce product of the week
•   Photos of the week
•   Tournament update
 Notes from the publisher
The Joy of Bocce Weekly
The weekly Ezine for bocce aficionados everywhere
Volume 2, Issue #11 March 17, 2003
Publisher: Mario Pagnoni Copyright 2003

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 Collegium Cosmicum ad Buxeas
Bocce website featured…

Collegium Cosmicum ad Buxeas (located at gets my vote as the most impressive, informative and complete bocce site on the web.

The Latin translates as the “Universal College of Bocce.” The site is actually an affiliate of an organization by the same name headquartered in Rome, Italy.

Webmaster Ron Broglio has created a well-written, effective resource for bocce lovers.

There is an excellent, entertaining section on History…

“While bocce today looks quite different from its early predecessors, the unbroken thread of bocce’s lineage is the consistently common objective of trying to come as close to a fixed target as possible.”

We learn early on when viewing this site that we are in the hands of a master craftsman – a writer with class, style, and more than a touch of panache.

Exhibit A…

“Throw out a pallino and become part of the long heritage of the game from great thinkers such as Galileo and da Vinci, to rulers Augustus and Queen Elizabeth, to the noble Sir Francis Drake and even America’s own George Washington. Enjoy the world’s oldest sport, a sport known to revive the body and mind, and next to soccer, the most popular game in the world.”

The link to Rules goes into great detail and is very easy to navigate.

The Hall of Fame section lists Robert J. Barone (1941 – 1995).

“He ranks among the most respected and popular players and raconteurs in the history of modern bocce.”

Credit Broglio with perhaps being the first person to use raconteurs and bocce in the same sentence. A bit of a story-teller myself, Barone sounds like someone I would have liked to meet.

The Court Design section contains detailed drawings that are of incomparable value – anything else I have seen is “minor league” in comparison. Broglio is part of an engineering firm whose work appears to be exceptional. These intricate drawings are the highlight of this wonderful site…a must see!

While browsing, check out the Gift Shop which offers apparel and accessories - everything from bocce balls to bocce shoes and socks to referee shirts. The clothing sport a nifty, new-age logo (yes, that's it above - click on the image to go directly to the Gift Shop).

Warning - visit at your own risk – you will be drawn in and, if you love bocce like I do, you will likely spend hours soaking in the knowledge and the ambience.

Check out Collegium Cosmicum ad Buxeas

 Photos of the week
This week’s pics come courtesy of Mike Grasser who is rapidly becoming one of the Joy of Bocce’s biggest supporters.

Mike says…

"These two courts are 12 feet x 78 feet and have a Har-Tru clay court surface. The courts are in the public park at the beach at Hallendale Blvd. and A1A.

The players are from Toronto, Montreal, New York City, Buffalo, New York, Boston, Mass, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, etc. The players are a great group and I enjoy playing with them.

There are three more beautiful courts in Hallendale at the public tennis court facility. There are also two more courts two miles away in Hollywood Florida at Madison St. and 14th Avenue. The beach courts are used in the morning and the others in the evening."

Please follow Mike's lead and send photos and feedback from your area.

View this week's pictures...

 Bocce product of the week
Bocce Carry Bag -- Model # 999, green with tan handles, heavy duty nylon material (price: $21.48). Easily holds eight (8) Bocce balls and one (1) Pallino.

 Non bocce product of the week
Softball season is coming!

Softball: Fast & Slow Pitch (Masters Press, 1990) by Mario Pagnoni and Gerald Robinson

{Hey, bocce's great, but I'm always on the look-out for all kinds of good products for my readers}

In print since 1990, I wrote this with my friend Gerry Robinson, now an athletic director in New Milford, Connecticut. I have been trying to analyze how this title could have such amazing "staying power" (more than 45,000 copies sold). I finally figured it out…it's just plain good, and the competition is mostly just plain bad.

Some sports instruction books are written by big time college coaches who get a grad student to do the bulk of the work. The publisher slaps a “Spaulding Sports Library” or some such label on it, and the buying public thinks it must be good.

Very complete, our book includes chapters on hitting, throwing, fielding, baserunning, organizing a practice, team defense, offensive strategy, and coaching a youth league team. It even has appendices on fundraising for your team, scoring a game, and softball rules in plain English.

It is ideal for the player who wants to hone his skills, the parent who wants to help a child improve, and the coach who wants to better organize practices. A bargain at $12.95 plus shipping.

 Tournament update
{chronological order}

Please - anyone running a tournament - do me a favor - put a notice near your tourney bracket board informing players that they can go to and "opt in" for my FREE Ezine on bocce.

March 29, 2003 - Cape Coral Bocce Association, Money Tournament, Open Rules, Veterans Park Bocce Courts, 4100 Coronado Parkway, Cape Coral, Florida, Four Player Team, Prizes 1st = $3000, 2nd = $1000, 3rd = $500. Entrance Fee = $200 per Team (Based on 16 teams). Register by March 15, 2003 - Contact Skinny Battista (239) 540-8246 or

April, 2003 – Biltmore Invitational – Lake Tahoe, NV. Contact Kyle Hughes 1 (800) 245-8667.
April 5, 2003 - Four Person Team, Italian Athletic Club, Stockton, CA, Open Rules, Contact Ron Jacobs (209) 957-1223 or

April 26, 2003 - Three Person Volo, Waterloo Gun and Bocci Club, Stockton, CA, Volo Rules, Contact David Canclini (209) 957-3314 or

April 26, 2003 - 1st Annual Long Island Bocce Club Spring Fling - 4 player Team - Single Elimination - Milldam Park, Huntington New York - Cost: $100.00 Team - Honorarium Awards for both Teams in the finals and Best Team. Contact: or email

April 26, 2003 – Bellingham Bay Bocce Tournament, Bellingham, WA. Contact Tom McNutt at (view more tourney info at that site).

May, 2003 – Herrin Festa Italiano Superball Championships, Herrin, IL.

May 18, 2003 – Sunshine Village Universal Bocce Bowl, Szot Park, Chicopee, Mass. Four player teams - $200 entry fee – includes t-shirt, lunch & dinner. Limited # of teams – 1st place = $600, 2nd place = $300, 3rd place = $200. Contact Rico Daniele @ 1-800-BOCCE54.

June 8-15, 2003 - United States National Bocce Tournament - Highwood Bocce Courts, Highwood, IL - winners will compete in the WORLD COMPETITION in SWITZERLAND. Contact Mike Conti @ 847-692-6223.

July 11-13, 2003 Bocce Classic IX Tournament, John Pirelli Lodge, 2625 County Line Road, Dayton Ohio, contact


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