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 In This Issue: Vol. II, Issue 51 - December 22, 2003 
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 Notes from the publisher
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Volume 2, Issue #51 - December 22, 2003
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Joy of Bocce 2nd edition

I'm working hard on a second edition of The Joy of Bocce - and simultaneously trying to land a publisher.

Anybody out there have any clout with publishers? My first book on education was a McGraw-Hill BOMC selection. My second (on computers) got the best review of any book ever brought to press by the publisher. And my softball book is still in print since 1990 with over 50,000 copies sold. Yet The Joy of Bocce is out of print and looking for a new home. The new edition will have lots of new information and photographs.

I intend to use some of the photographs that readers have submitted for our Photos of the Week feature. Please let me know if you have sent me photos and DON'T want them included in the upcoming book.

If you send photos in the future (please do), be advised that I will consider them for inclusion in this second edition, unless you tell me otherwise. Be assured that I will give credit to the photographer whenever possible.

Step up a notch & review International style bocce

 Readers' feedback
The east coast's tireless bocce promoter, Rico Daniele of Springfield, Massachusetts has done it again. Independent movie producer Sean Ireland, a Springfield native, was in the city to shoot scenes for his jail break movie "Sway". Daniele worked his magic and persuaded Ireland to film a scene with a bocce game in the background (he and some of his bocce friends are in the scene).

Also shown are his bocce characters created to relate bocce to the planets of the solar system. Daniele even has a soft drink line with these characters on the labels and they too are displayed in the movie. Stay tuned for more on the release of the film.

Also, consider Rico's bocce beverages that might just hit the spot at your holiday parties. Contact Rico at 1-800-BOCCE54 or {That's a bottle of one of his beverages pictured to the right.}


Last week we asked about how people play short-handed (when only three of your four team players show up for the match).

If you normally station two players at each end of the court, the short-handed team will have two players at one end, but only one at the other end. If this player rolls four balls, he gains an advantage over his two opponents who roll just two balls each.

We talked about rotating the solo player each game so that your top shooter doesn't roll four balls every game.

We also discussed using a “walker.” This is when one of the three players rolls two balls with a partner on one end, then walks to the other end to roll two balls with his other partner in the next frame. The walker plays both ends of the court, but only plays two balls at each end like everybody else.

Still another solution is to “burn” a ball or two for the guy who plays singles. The solo guy can’t play four balls, only two or three.

We got some excellent feedback this week...

Dr. Cordano writes...

"At our club when a team is short handed, the so called walker is picked by the captain of the other team. It works quite well and is a just penalty for the team that is missing a player, since it is logical that the "worst" player of the team will be designated to walk.

This may avoid any possible intentional 'arrangement' by a team to come with only 3 players if other rules apply on a 'walker'.

I'm against anyone playing 4 balls from one end."

{In softball we use a "courtesy runner" when a player reaches base safely, but is injured or can't continue to run the bases. In the leagues that let the other team pick the courtesy runner, there is often hard feelings as the one picked is offended. Some tactless coach always seems to yell out something like "Let that fat guy run!"

Cordano, always in favor of walking both ends rather than stationing players at each end to play every other frame adds...}

"I would like to comment that when playing triples, going back and forth is moderate exercise and you may walk up to a mile in a couple of regular games to 15 or 16 points."

Tom McNutt of chips in with another creative solution...

"We play that the whole team has to be "walkers". Person #1 and #2 start at end "A". After the first frame, Person #1 goes down to end "B" to join #3. After the second frame #3 goes to end "A" to play with teammate #1. For the fourth frame #1 and #2 are down at end "B". The team of four plays as normal with no "walkers". This type of rotation slightly punishes the threesome, as they never quite get used to either end, and yet gives both teams the same number of balls. Playing an entire match one ball short isn't a handicap... it is crippling!"

{Great ideas - anyone else have suggestions? Please REPLY}


Peter Rabito of the Long Island Bocce Club has some nifty new additions to his bocce scoreboards. Call him at Bulldog Bocce Products (631-807-4030) or email Click the link below to see samples from his bocce flyer.

Bulldog Bocce Scoreboards...

 Photos of the week
After last week-end's speaking engagement and book signing at Fordham University (Celebrazione dei Libri) I played some bocce at Carroll Park Gardens (Brooklyn). Then I dined at and photographed bocce at Il Vagabondo (351 East 62nd St., NYC). I had heard many good things about this restaurant and its quaint little bocce court.

Il Vagabondo is a terrific restaurant with walls covered with photographs of celebrities who've visited as well as charming old bocce pictures. Traditional red and white table cloths adorn the tables and carafes of Chianti are plentiful.

And yes, one section of the restaurant indeed has a bocce court flanked by dining tables. Rules are posted and designed for safety of the patrons and to keep the flow of diners moving. You can only play before you are seated or after you’ve finished dining. In addition, a large washer is the target. I had heard of bocce play where the target was a metal washer (remains stationary), but had never seen it. Presumably this keeps a pallino from being hit and ricocheting into the crowd.

The court has a ditch at either end. Balls entering the ditch are "dead" and may not score a point. This is another style of play that I had heard of but never saw before.

On this Saturday evening the place was hopping. The food was wonderful (Veal Vagabondo was my choice...a wise one at that!). Antipasto, salads, pasta dishes, chicken, veal, steak and seafood are all very popular.

It can be great fun to play while you wait for your table and/or play to settle the tab (watch out though, management frowns on gambling).

The bocce action draws excited fans of all ages. They line the court and ask questions about the game…how to play…where to play, etc. This little bocce venue does a great service in exposing the game to people.

Il Vagabondo offers parties termed "Bocce Blasts" where you can rent a dining area and have exclusive use of the bocce court. Call owners Ralph and Ernie at 212-832-9221 (fax 212-832-9234).

View this week's photos...

 Bocce product of the week
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 Non bocce product of the week
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 Tournament update
{chronological order}

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February 7 & 8, 2004 - Cape Coral World Series of Bocce - 4-person teams, double elimination, $250 per team entry, deadline January 20th - 1st PLACE $4,000 - 2nd PLACE $2,500 - 3rd PLACE $1,500 - 4th PLACE $500 - 5th PLACE $300. Contact GEORGE FURLAN – TEL: 239- 275-9968.

March 20 & 21, 2004 - 5th annual Southwest Florida Open Bocce Tournament. Contact George Farruggio of the Italian American Bocce Association of Punta Gorda, Florida @ 941-575-0482 E-Mail

October, 2004 - North American Bocce Championship, Montreal. Contact Mike Conti @ 847-692-6223 or


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