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In This Issue: Vol. III, Issue 38 - October 18, 2004 
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•   Tournament update
Notes from the publisher
The weekly Ezine for bocce aficionados everywhere
Volume 3, Issue #38 - October 18, 2004
Publisher: Mario Pagnoni Copyright 2004


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Readers' feedback
Readers’ Feedback

{Publisher’s comments in brackets}

Dr. Cordano sent the photo to the right of the devastation to the Punta Gorda bocce facility saying also that "Cape Coral recently resumed bocce activities after their problem with Charlie."

Dr. C has promised to write "a small booklet about tactics and how to play this 'scientific' game of BOCCE that has a lot of tricks from how to release a ball, to how to act on the multiple situations that arise during any game. Looks a simple game, but is far from being so!"

{Yes, we need to cajole, compel or somehow coerce the good doctor to put the information down on paper so that we less fortunates can benfit from his knowledge and experience.}


A couple questions that I hope readers can answer…Please REPLY…

Michele from NJ writes…

“We have an annual bocce tournament and on our invitations we like to put an interesting bocce picture or saying. I was wondering if you have any good quotes on bocce or maybe said by famous people? I have searched the Internet but haven't been able to find too much. Thanks for your help!”

{Can anyone oblige?}


Jerry DiFilippo says…

“Live in a retirement community down here in Gainesville, Florida. I e-mailed about having a Bocci court installed here and if you know of anyone in this area that installs or sells the equipment as we are very interested in having a court here.”

{Anyone have any contacts for building courts?}


Steve Stalker writes…

”We have 3 nice crushed gravel courts in Toledo that I have never seen anyone on? Any information on groups/leagues in Toledo would be appreciated.”

{Anyone playing thereabouts?}


Gayl Sanzi of Massachusetts wrote to inform us that...

“The 2004 MA State Bocce Tournament was held in Watertown on September 12th. There were seven towns competing with nineteen ladies’ teams. It was a one-game elimination. The first place team came from Walpole Lodge #2641. The team consisted of Captain Gayl Sanzi, Noemi Campanario, Irma Ciannavei and Maureen Ciannavei. The first place champions received a large trophy cup which was given by the Italian American Heritage Month Committee (Lino Rullo, President and Hon. Peter W. Agnes, Jr., Chairman). The ladies played from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The weather was beautiful and the competition was exciting.”


Thomas Adair writes...

"I am an enthusiast working my way into the professional world of Bocce. I am 22 years old and would like to represent America in Bocce - internationally, and if it occurs, in the Olympics. I play Volo, and Punta Raffa Volo. I love Bocce Ball."

{Enthusiastic, ambitious young players who want to excel - this can only be a good thing for our sport.}


Here is a press release from Bob Whitlow that shows how you might go about getting the word out to your local media outlets.

Attention: Community Editor, Sports editor

This is the first of a series of weekly bocce news releases you will be receiving from the Monday Night Bocce League. Everyone involved appreciates all the past ink you have rendered and your continuing support for the 2004-2005 bocce season.

Bob Whitlow, League Director


With the addition of two new teams and nine new players to the roster, Bocce USA kicked off its 21 week winter Monday night indoor bocce league at the Factory Stores of America Outlet Mall.

Severin’s All-Star and Stitches took top honors on opening night by downing Professional Pharmacy all three games. Newcomer Ted James of Herrin and Mary Lynn Whitlow were the top rollers for Severin’s.

Defending league champions Franklin-Williamson out rolled McClerren Roofing winning two out of three games. John Battioli was ace scorer for Franklin-Williamson.

Property Damage Appraisers edged Southern Illinois Bank in the last frame of game three to win two games to one. Lisa Claunch and Donna Ellis were the team leaders.

Galli Auto Body won the battle of the newcomer teams taking two out of three games from Stotlar Lumber.

Point standings after 10/11/04

Severin All-Stars & Stitches 42
Property Damage Appraisers 35
Franklin-Williamson 33
Galli Auto Body 32
Southern Illinois Bank 26
Stotlar Lumber 25
McClerren Roofing 22
Professional Pharmacy 12

Check out Boccemon's Skorstik - an ingenious scoring device

Photos of the week
This week’s photos come from two sources and dipict bocce play on two coasts.

The first pictures are from Richard Heisler who always keeps us posted on bocce on the West Coast.

Says Zio Riccardo..."On Sunday Sept. 26, at Redwood Fields in Cutten, the Sons of Italy Eureka Lodge held its annual Italian Festival of music, food and of course bocce. This is a great showcase for good things Italian, recruits new members and raises money for our scholarship fund. Accordion music for dancing was provided by the Lindy Mantova Orchestra. The lodge sold grilled sausages plus a variety of food and wine with desserts from the Italian Catholic Association. We had a booth with many goodies from "Bella Italia" hats and aprons to "Kiss my Pallino" T-shirts. We lucked out with all day sun and a great turnout.

For those of you not familiar with California geography, Eureka is on the 'Lost Coast' 5 hours north of San Francisco and is more properly a part of the Pacific Northwest. We get between 40" and 200" of rain per year depending on terrain and the vagaries of El Nino. We also get plenty of fog to keep the redwoods watered during the summer. This has been a particularly sunny year and much appreciated by the bocce community.

Bocce Tournament

As we presently have only two 9' x 75' oyster shell courts, the 16 teams played in a sudden death format. The winners were 'High Steppers' - Jerry & Evie Colivas, Tobia Ghidinelli and Jenny Hanson - beating defending champs 'the Zippers' into second place. A third court with concrete surrounds is in the works for this year. Hopefully this will provide more games for each team in next year's tournaments. This year there have been 7 tournaments held at Redwood Fields. The lodge has
done a great service to the community by building and maintaining the courts and they in turn have had a positive effect on lodge membership, attracting both stranieri and Italian-Americans into the organization.


The second photo contributor is Dr. Joe Kalil who snapped shots of our bocce group playing in Rico Daniele's Sunshine Village benefit in Chicopee, Mass. (Our three teams finished 3rd, 4th, and 5th.)

We enjoyed a great day of bocce and camaraderie, partook of a tasty barbecue, supported a good cause (Sunshine Village), and took home a little prize money.

View this week's photos...

Bocce product of the week
Many top players believe that the best bocce balls in the world are made in Italy by Perfetta. Yes, we can get them to you via this ezine. The set is "official" size with four 107 mm red balls, four 107 mm green balls, one white pallino, and a well-constructed nylon carrying bag.

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Non bocce product of the week
A friend of mine from Florida sent me this email recently and I am sufficiently impressed to offer the product he describes...

"Well its been just almost 4 weeks since I started using the newest skin care/anti-aging product Pentaxyl. At first I was very impressed at the moisturizing effect of the product, then after a week there was a difference in the texture of my skin, then after 2 weeks there was a difference in the lines on my forehead and around the eyes. Now that it has been almost a month, I see what this product is truly capable of!

If I was to tell you I have been careful throughout my life with sun exposure, I'd be lying. Blond and bronze is what I like myself to look like so I've been less than careful. The result has been sun damage on the face that is minimal but noticeable as I've always used moisturizers with vitamins, but on my body there has been several things that are not good. On my right leg I have a Kerotosis, a brown irregular patch about the size of a nickel that has the potential to give me problems in the future.

Since I got the Pentaxyl, I have been applying it to this spot as well as one on my chest. To my surprise the Kerotosis on my leg has decreased by 50% with the underlying skin returning to normal color and texture! I am thrilled as it is reversing damage!

The other results on my face have continued to where the furrows on my forehead have reduced, the lines around my eyes are almost gone and the most exciting thing is a tightening of all the skin on my face!"

Learn more about Pentaxyl...

Tournament update
{chronological order}

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October 29-30, 2004 - 4th Annual Battaglia Invitational (limit 40 teams). Palazzo di Bocce, Lake Orion, Michigan. Three player teams, two balls rolled per player, open rules, backboard dead. 1st place = $7000, 2nd = $3500, 3rd = $1200, 4th = $600, 5th = $500, 6th = $500, 7th & 8th = $300, 9th - 12th = $150. Contact Santina Calbrese between 12 noon and 9:00 PM @ Palazzo di Bocce - 248-371-9987.

November 19 - 21, 2004 - North American Bocce Championship, Montreal. Contact Mike Conti @ 847-692-6223 or


NEW! World’s Largest indoor guaranteed purse in the history of bocce ($16,000)

July 14 – 16, 2005 – Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino - Indio, CA (near Palm Springs) Phone: 800-827-2946

Presented by the World Bocce League – contact Phil Ferrari @ 800-652-6223

Open Division

First prize = $6000
Second = $3000
Third = $1500
Fourth = $1000
Fifth & Sixth = $600
Seventh & Eighth = $400
Ninth thru Twelfth = $300
Thirteen thru Sixteenth = $200
Seventeenth thru Twentieth = $125

Entry fee per person (3 nights and food package included)

Double occupancy (2 players)……..$345
Double occupancy (1 non-player…..$318
Double occupancy (2 non-players…$291
Single occupancy (player)…………$460
Single occupancy (non-player……..$435

Single player (no hotel room) with food package...$230.00

(Fun) Challenge Division

Prize money ($3400) based on 20 teams

1st = $1000
2nd = $500
3rd = $400
4th = $300
5th = $200
6th – 10th = $100
11th – 20th = $50

Double occupancy (2 players)……..$320
Double occupancy (1 non-player…..$305
Double occupancy (2 non-players…$291
Single occupancy (player)…………$435
Single occupancy (non-player……..$415

Single player (no hotel room) with food package…$205

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