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In This Issue: Vol. III, Issue 45 - December 5, 2004 
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Notes from the publisher
The weekly Ezine for bocce aficionados everywhere
Volume 3, Issue #45 - December 5, 2004
Publisher: Mario Pagnoni Copyright 2004


2nd Edition woes and delay...

The Joy of Bocce 2nd Edition is finally available. I received my first copy last week. The book is fine, but I wasn't happy with the cover - too much text - not eye catching enough. It looked fine when we proofed it in galley form, but when I held it in my hands, I was disappointed. So, I re-submitted the cover design, adding a couple photos and deleting most of the text. Hope this will be only a short delay, and we are leaving the book in production with the original cover in the meantime. More news next week - I hope to be able to offer the title for a couple bucks cheaper for my subscribers.

In the meantime, you can order directly from the publisher's web site - {Click the image to the right or the text link below to go directly to} Click on Book Store - then, in the search window, you can search by author by typing "Pagnoni".

Two entries will appear. There is an electronic book (e-book) for $4.95 and a paperback version for $18.75.

I'm not sure who will want an e-book on bocce. Most of the e-books I see are pretty short files that purport to teach you how to make money on the Internet. But this is a 316-page book with over 300 photos - it's almost 6 meg to download. If you print it out on your printer it will probably use up a printer cartridge.

Still, the advantage (besides being a lot cheaper) is that you can download it and have access to it right away, or, you can save it to a file, and read it at your leisure. People who travel a lot, spending lots of time in airports and hotels, like e-books loaded onto their laptop computers. They're carrying their laptop anyway, no need to lug books along too.

Another advantage it that the photos are in full color on the computer screen, whereas they are black and white on the printed page. It would have been a big plus if the links in the file were "live" (so you could just click on a web address and be taken there instantly), but the e-book is a .pdf file (Adobe Reader) - no live links.

The paperback will sell in bookstores for $19.45 - a tad pricey if I do say so myself. But this print-on-demand technology has its own way of doing things. If you order a copy, there isn't one waiting for you on the publisher's shelf. They print and ship you one after your order is processed. This way the publisher doesn't assume the risk of printing 5000 copies and hoping that consumers will purchase them.

Anyway, they have a formula for calculating the retail price of the book and I have no control over that. I hope to purchase a couple hundred at the author's discount and re-sell them a little cheaper than the bookstore price.

The first edition originally sold for $12.95 in bookstores, then $13.95 and $14.95 on sites like That edition was about 120 pages long while the new version is over 300 pages - lots of new material, new chapters, new photos. I think it is worth the purchase price. One of my previous books was a McGraw-Hill BOMC selection. Another, published in 1990, is still in print today (>50,000 copies sold). But this new book on bocce might be the best thing I've done. I'm very proud of it - I think it's going to help our game grow.

P.S. Authorhouse ships via UPS. If you order from their site (please do), your choices will be...

UPS Next Day Air = $25.25
UPS 2nd Day Air = $11.25
UPS Ground = $5.75

Not sure about buying multiple copies - you might want to call the Authorhouse book order people at 888-280-7715.

Visit Authorhouse to order The Joy of Bocce 2nd Edition

Readers' feedback
Readers’ Feedback

{Publisher’s comments in brackets}

"Boccemon" Tom McNutt writes...

"Excited to receive the new book when you have time to ship it. Congratulations!

I want to recommend to everyone that they go and play in a tournament outside their local territory. People play differently all over and the true Joy of Bocce, I am learning, comes from this diversity.

I recently flew to Reno on a last minute flight in order to catch the end of the 18th annual Bocce Classic at the Peppermill Casino. Tournament play on carpet is not really my thing, but the finesse required to play against great players is very real! These players are a thrill to watch. Traveling only with a ton of enthusiasm and a change of clothes I managed to meet Dave and Andrea Ross , and David Canclini of the USBF, Phil Ferrari of the WBL, Tacoma, Washington’s own “Mr. Bocce” Tony Riconosciuto, and many other great players from around the country.

It was an honor to be welcomed by everybody and a testimony to why I have dedicated my life to building great bocce courts. Thank you for posting the Tournament Board on your website. If everyone used it to post their events it would really help to bring the whole bocce community together. Make sure you get the dates right…

Happy Bocce to You!"

{Well said...bringing the bocce community together IS what is needed most of all.}


Jim Vaughan of Bargetto Winery checks in...

"I went into a Barnes & Noble store and asked about the book. Are the big chains going to carry it? It wasn't on their list of new releases."

{Thanks for asking. Some of the big chains will have it soon, although with this print-on-demand technology, some may choose to only order it when a customer actually places an order. Stay tuned}


Marie Bedard of Palm Coast, Florida needs to connect with some bocce people...

"If possible could you send me names and addresses of clubs in DesMoines or Ames, Iowa? I will be going up there to set up for the Special Olympics 2006 National Games which will be held at the beginning of July.
I would like to get local clubs involved as volunteer officials."

{Marie does a fabulous job with Special Olympics bocce. Contact her directly at}


"Bocce Bum" Ben Musolf weighs in on our recent discussion of gambling in bocce...

"Wagering on Bocce is like betting your wife. You will never win in the long run. I love my Wife and I love Bocce as well. Save the wagering for Bocce tournaments and Poker games. Bocce is a gentleman's sport and the last thing we need is to turn our local bocce courts into pool halls."

{Sound advice from someone who is around the game constantly...}


Robert Donovan of Nokomis, Florida writes...

"We built a Har-Tru boccie court. How often do you have to wet it down and roll the court. Along the same line I understand it has to cure - how long does that take?"

{Depending on how much rain you get, you have to wet and roll it enough to keep it from drying out and blowing away in the wind. In Massachusetts I wet and rolled my court about once a week for a couple months - now I hardly wet and roll at all.

Should cure or set up in 4 to 6 weeks depending on rain and how much you use it (walking on it, etc.). You might call Har-Tru @ 1-800-FASTDRY to see what their recommendations are.}


Gus from NJ is looking for a bocce court installer. I've been getting more and more requests like this from the East Coast. Most of the prominent court builders are further west (Boccemon in WA, in CA, and Mike Grasser in MI).

{Fortunately for the East, a relative new comer to the court design scene is Wendy Lindquist at 203-913-5527 - - email}.


Photos of the week
This week’s photos depict a unique way our group promoted bocce via a local holiday program called "The Festival of Trees."

The festival is run by the Methuen (Mass.) Historical Society which raises money to preserve and refurbish historic sites in the town. Over $500,000 has been raised for this purpose over the last several years.

Businesses, groups, and individuals donate fully decorated Christmas tress to the event. They are housed in the large atrium of a prominent local business complex. Holiday tree viewers pay $6 to enter and view the trees ($4 for seniors and children under age 12 are free). Over 200 trees are on display, some of which are spectacular. Some include gift certificates or other items that go along with the tree’s “theme”. We included a brand new set of bocce balls with our tree.

Some businesses use the tree as a form of advertising and for name recognition ("Have A Pearly White Christmas" presented by a dentist, "Gingerbread Dreams" presented by a Pampered Chef consultant). Others just want to be a part of this annual, hugely successful event (enjoying the process of decorating and donating a tree, or naming a tree in memory of a deceased loved one, etc.).

Once inside, the holiday revelers can purchase raffle tickets to win the trees that are on display. A roll of 25 tickets costs $5 and these can be placed into containers that are situated in front of the corresponding trees.

After two weeks, with 25,000 people passing though the doors, the winners are drawn and are then charged with making arrangements to take their tree home for the holidays. All of this takes place and concludes by about December 4th or 5th.

Our tree was “Spotlight On Senior Sports”. We decorated it with ornaments for softball, basketball, and bocce, and took the opportunity to try and recruit some athletes for our program. We sprinkled business cards around the base of the tree for interested athletes to pick up. {Although we are a senior sports group (age 50 and up), we don't enforce the age restriction for bocce, where physical prowess is not a prerequisite for success.}

We’re already seeing results as calls are coming in from new players for all our sports. Happy holidays - look for similar events in your area, and, if possible, get on board to promote our game - still the best kept secret in sports.

View this week's photos...

Bocce product of the week
Holiday tree ornament...

Cafepress has recently added holiday ornaments to their excellent line of products.

I'm partial to the mugs with the Joy of Bocce logo, but the t-shirts, caps, mouse pads, and other novelty items also make for pretty neat holiday gift ideas for the bocce aficionado in your life. Check them out by clicking the ornament to the right or the text below.

Click for more from CafePress...

Non bocce product of the week
Holiday Shopping...

Joy of Bocce Weekly has lots of on-line affiliates. When you shop via my those affiliates only keep most of the money, leaving a little for us here at The Joy of Bocce Weekly. So, if you are considering shopping on-line at the likes of Barnes & Noble, Disney Store, Eddie Bauer, Hallmark, Hickory Farms, OshKosh B'Gosh, etc., please do so via You will be supporting our work here at The Joy of Bocce Weekly.

From my web portal (click the image to the right or the text link below) click on "Go Shopping." This is one stop shopping for almost anything you might want - one search, one credit card, one check out and delivery to everyone on your list regardless of different addresses, etc. You'll register one time, setting up a password for repeat visits, but this will save you from the headache of entering the data over and over as you purchase from different vendors. I think you’ll like it!

Holiday shopping on Joy of Bocce affiliates...

Tournament update
{chronological order}

Please - anyone running a tournament - do me a favor - put a notice near your tourney bracket board informing players that they can go to and "opt in" for my FREE Ezine on bocce. Click the logo to the right to opt in if you do not already receive this ezine every Monday.


Not many tourneys to list at this time of year - please submit yours early as people need time to plan - especially if travel is involved.


January 15-16, 2005 - Open Tourney – 4 person teams, A & B Divisions - Muckleshoot Casino, Auburn, WA - contact Salvatore Cascone @ 253-939-3502.


February 12, 2005 - Open – 4 Person Teams - American Bocce Association Fundraiser - Antioch Indoor Bocce Courts - Antioch Fairgrounds, Antioch, CA - MUST HAVE ABA CARD. Contact Gloria Taylor @ 510-787-2317.


April 18-19, 2005 - Open – 4 Person Teams - Tahoe Biltmore - North Shore Lake Tahoe, CA - Contact David Canclini @ 209-957-3314.


April 23, 2005 - Bellingham Bay Bocce Tournament - hoping for 48 teams - using open rules. Will set up as many as 12 courts (Field Turf surface with Backyard Bocce’s perimeter courts). Contact


April 23, 2005 - Open -3 person teams - So. SF IACC, Orange Ave. Mem. Park, South San Francisco, CA. MUST HAVE ABA CARD. Contact Alvaro Bettucchi @ 650-871-9278.


April 30, 2005 - April in Vallejo Open – 4 person Teams - Vallejo Bocce Federation, 333 Amador St. Vallejo, CA. Contact Dick Gomez @ 707-554-9916.


July 14 – 16, 2005 – World’s Largest indoor guaranteed purse in the history of bocce ($16,000) - Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino - Indio, CA (near Palm Springs) Phone: 800-827-2946. Contact Phil Ferrari @ 800-652-6223 - Open Division and (Fun) Challenge Division.

Holiday gifts - Joy of Bocce caps, t-shirts & mugs...

Merchandise still available at

Check out the first-rate equipment we offer. The finest measuring devices for bocce (made in UK by Prohawk for lawn bowling, petanque, and bocce) - the finest bocce balls in the world (made in Italy by Perfetta) and the number one selling instructional book on bocce in America - Check them out.
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