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In This Issue: Vol. IV, Issue 11 - March 21, 2005 
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Notes from the publisher
The weekly Ezine for bocce aficionados everywhere
Volume 4, Issue #11 - March 21, 2005
Publisher: Mario Pagnoni Copyright 2005
76 Emsley Terrace, Methuen, MA 01844

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Hello bocce friends,

We've decided to go back to the zoning board with a proposal to reduce the size of our bocce venue in Salem, NH. Our four 12' by 80' courts are currently under a 208' long greenhouse structure, and we will offer to eliminate the greenhouse covering over the part that is closest to the street. This will have the effect of setting the structure back 90 feet or so from the street, making it much less conspicuous to passers-by.

We hope to get the project approved and have a dedication/kick-off tourney followed by a posting of Photos of the Week. We'll keep you posted.

Also, we are still working on fund-raising for our non-profit group's trip to Pittsburgh for the Senior Olympics in June. We hope to send a team of 12 softball players (age 55 - 59) to compete and to honor our late friend Ken Waldie (a victim of 9/11/01). Pittsburgh was his original home town and we think it appropriate that we participate (and meet his mom who still lives there).

Click to learn more about our late friend Ken Waldie, a naval academy grad and one of the finest human beings I ever had the good fortune to know. There's a place to make a contribution to our 501 C-4 organization if you so desire.


2nd edition news...

The 2nd edition is in stock and selling well!

I am accepting orders and can ship the next day. The 300-page book retails in bookstores for $19.45 and at the publisher's web site for $18.75.

Click the link below to order an autographed copy from me. Shipping will be $4.00 (US Priority Mail).

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Come visit us often at You will find bocce info, merchandise, links to other great bocce sites, and the best selling bocce instruction book in the USA.

The Joy of Bocce 2nd Edition will help you improve your game (or at least entertain you). The 300-page book takes drill and instruction to the same level as that of basketball, baseball, and other sports. Besides that, it has the most complete and entertaining history of the game anywhere in print. It will fascinate and delight.


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Readers' feedback
Readers’ Feedback

{Publisher’s comments in brackets}

I'm working hard to promote The Joy of Bocce 2nd Edition to bookstores and other retailers. You can help - getting the book to a larger audience is a great way to help our game grow. I would appreciate it if you could take the time to collect and send me the mailing address of your favorite bookstore. I'll send them a specially designed postcard that tells them about the book and how they can resell it in their stores at no risk...the books are fully returnable if not sold. To the right is a scanned image of the front of the postcard.


Request for testimonials...

I've been getting lots of positive feedback from readers of The Joy of Bocce 2nd Edition. If you've read it and liked it, please send me a couple lines and let me know if I can reprint any testimonial that you submit.

Thanks in advance. Publishing testimonials from other bocce aficionados makes just about the best marketing promotion I could undertake.


Maureen Hogan writes...

"My dad loves bocce and spent a lot of time playing with people in Amsterdam, NY which has a large and active Italian population. I would love to introduce him to bocce in the North End. He used to be a farm league pitcher and has a great and accurate arm. When and where do people play?"

{Once the snow melts and the weather gets warmer, you need only take a stroll by the bocce courts on Commercial St. in Boston's North End to connect with the bocce players thereabouts. They are very cordial, and always looking to promote the game by including passers-by in the action. Also, right next door to the outdoor courts are a couple newer indoor courts within the Steriti ice rink complex. The bocce court area features heating and air-conditioning.}


George Farruggio of the Punta Gorda Bocce Association ( Punta Gorda, Florida) always gets upset when someone refers to our game as "bocce ball."

"Bocce Bum" Ben Musolf, General Manager of the Campo di Bocce in Los Gatos, California responds...

"In regards to Mr. Farruggio's comment, it may not be pronounced that way and it may or may not be proper, but those individuals are at least playing the game. As soon as everyone in the country starts playing under a unified set of rules at the 'open' and recreational level then I will support him and the terminology. Until that time we need to unite as one and play the game as one as well."


Donna Davidson of Eagle River, Alaska asks for a little help...

"I am getting into the game of Bocce, trying to learn as much as I can. I coached Special Olympics Bocce last summer (I'll send you photos this summer), and want to learn much more. A group of adults here is also starting to play indoor on a mat as well as outdoors in the summer. In June I will be driving my daughter home from Delaware to Alaska, and we plan to see a bit of the states on the way home -- no schedule planned. I am wondering if you can help me find some places to visit and learn more about Bocce while I travel across country.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have now or over the next two months!"

{Can any bocce groups who might be on the travel path from Delaware to Alaska extend an invitation to Donna and her daughter?

If they want to come north to Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, we'd love to have them stop by our boccedrome. Others may Email Donna directly at }


Brian DiLeo sends news of his new bocce web site...

"Hello Mr. Pagnoni,

I would like to introduce myself to the bocce community. My name is Brian DiLeo and I have recently created a company called GoBocce. Having been a backyard bocce player since childhood I have always felt a strong connection to the sport, and I recently decided to become more involved with keeping its legacy alive and passing its spirit on to the younger generations. It is for this reason that I have developed some great new bocce products aimed at reaching out to people who are not yet familiar with the game, and to kids who are not quite ready to play with the regulation sets.

My goal is to continue to develop my company and my website, as a leading resource for bocce information and products."

{Looks like it's going to be a very nice site with reasonably priced bocce equipment - check it out.}


Recently I came across the web site of the St. Ambrogio Society, 802 Montague Rd., Rockford, IL 61102. It's an interesting site - featuring not only bocce, but some neat Italian music and, if you click on the link for President, you get a spoof of hooked on phonics called "hooked on paesanics."

Visit the Saintambrogio site...

Bocce Goes Broadway!
"Bocce Balls" is an original Screenplay written by independent film and video award winner Barbara Ricci.

It's the story of Mama and Luigi Bocce's family and what goes on in The Bocce Bar & Grill. What goes on in Mama Bocce's house, stays in Mama Bocce's house. "It's a nobody's business".

{Seinfeld's Jason Alexander will play the lead - a character by the name of Joey Balsalo.}

Bocce Balls Productions has been auditioning talented actors and actresses for the past several weeks and wouldn't you know it, New York's Pete Rabito, who emailed Ms. Ricci thanking her for giving Bocce some much needed exposure was invited to sit it on the auditions!

Originally offering Ms. Ricci some Bocce "technical advice", Pete was asked to audition for a few parts. Having no acting experience but always willing to expand his horizons, Pete proceeded to read for her. Although raw, Ms. Ricci called Pete for two additional readings.

Pete landed the role of "Bocce Galoop", nephew to the aging mafioso "Luigi Bocce."

The theatrical performance of "Bocce Balls - The Read" will be held on Tuesday, March 22, 2005 at the American Theatre Of Actors, 314 West 54th Street in New York City. This VIP stage production will be presented exclusively to film industry investors and distributors in preparation for its Feature Film release.

Film production is expected to begin this summer, however Pete Rabito will signing autographs immediately!

{Thanks to Pete for sending us this update and congratulations on landing a role in the production which features Jason Alexander in the lead.}

Learn a bit more about the theatrical production... "Bocce Balls"

Bocce product of the week
Court Maintenance Tools

I’ve seen all kinds of home-made court maintenance brushes and scrapers. Two things have always struck me about them. 1 – they look like they are home-made and 2 – they tend to be HEAVY.

Manufactured by Lee Tennis (makers of the Har-Tru surface), these court maintenance tools created for tennis courts works exceptionally well for bocce courts.

The 7-foot drag brush is light-weight and, even if you have a 13- or 14-foot wide court, you can smooth it over with just two passes. This is quick enough to do between games without players standing around waiting very long. Bristles are 4 ½ inches of synthetic fibers and the strong but light-weight frame is aluminum. Retails for $139.95 plus shipping.


This strangely named 30” wide device is actually two implements in one. It is an all-aluminum combination tool for scarifying, leveling, and removing loose court material.

Strong and sturdy, the tool is light enough to handle with ease and is excellent for spreading new material during top-dressing. The concave shape of the 30” wide blade allows the tool to “float” along the surface without digging in. Use the serrated edge to scrape material from high spots, then flip the tool over to rake and smooth that spot and drag the loose material to fill in a lower point.

Retails for $50.95 plus shipping.

The lute/scarifier and 7-foot drag brush should be all the maintenance tools a bocce court owner needs.

Click to order or to learn more about court maintenance tools...

Non bocce product of the week
{Hey, bocce's great, but I'm always on the look-out for all kinds of good products for my readers}

Softball season is fast approaching!

Softball: Fast & Slow Pitch (Masters Press, 1990) by Mario Pagnoni and Gerald Robinson

In print since 1990, I wrote this with my friend Gerry Robinson, now an athletic director in New Milford, Connecticut. I have been trying to analyze how this title could have such amazing "staying power" (more than 50,000 copies sold). I finally figured it out…it's just plain good, and the competition is mostly just plain bad. Some sports instruction books are written by big time college coaches who get a grad student to do the bulk of the work. The publisher slaps a “Spaulding Sports Library” or some such label on it, and the buying public thinks it MUST be good.

Very complete, our book includes chapters on hitting, throwing, fielding, baserunning, organizing a practice, team defense, offensive strategy, and coaching a youth league team. It even has appendices on fundraising for your team, scoring a game, and softball rules in plain English. It is ideal for the player who wants to hone his skills, the parent who wants to help a child improve, and the coach who wants to better organize practices. A bargain at $12.95 plus shipping.

Tournament update
{chronological order}

Please - anyone running a tournament - do me a favor - put a notice near your tourney bracket board informing players that they can go to and "opt in" for my FREE Ezine on bocce. Click the logo to the right to opt in if you do not already receive this ezine every Monday.


April 9, 2005 - California - Los Gatos - 4 Person Open USBF - contact Bill Schlaefer @ (408) 379-9409.


April 9, 2005 - Illinois - West Frankfort - J & S Professional Pharmacy/Old King Coal Indoor Bocce Tournament - contact Bob Whitlow at or 937-1668. Open to 16 teams.


April 10, 2005 - California - Waterloo, Stockton - Open - 4 Players Youth (8th grade or 12 years old or younger) - contact Annette De Pauli @ (209) 931-4594.


April 18-19, 2005 - California - North Shore Lake Tahoe - Open – 4 Person Teams - Tahoe Biltmore - Contact David Canclini @ 209-957-3314.


April 23, 2005 - Washington - Bellingham Bay Tournament - hoping for 48 teams - using open rules. Will set up as many as 12 courts (Field Turf surface with Backyard Bocce’s perimeter courts). Contact


April 23, 2005 - California - South San Francisco. Open -3 person teams - So. SF IACC, Orange Ave. Mem. Park. MUST HAVE ABA CARD. Contact Alvaro Bettucchi @ 650-871-9278.


April 23, 2005 - California - East Portal, Sacramento - Open – 4 Players. Contact Rick Wagstaff @ (209) 296-6151.


April 30, 2005 - California - Vallejo - April in Vallejo Open – 4 person Teams - Vallejo Bocce Federation, 333 Amador St. Contact Dick Gomez @ 707-554-9916.


April 30, 2005 - California - Los Gatos - Campo di Bocce - Raffa - Singles Ranking - Men - contact Ben Musolf @ (408) 395-7650.


May 7, 2005 - California - San Mateo - Women’s Tournament - Open – 4 person teams - P.I.A.S.C. - Beresford Recreation Center, 28th Ave. & Alameda de la Pulgas. Contact Rose Viscuso @ 650-349-7732.


May 7, 2005 - California - San Mateo - Raffa – 3 person team - P.I.A.S.C. 100 “B” Street. Contact Adriano Undorte @ 650-591-3318.


May 14, 2005 - California - Martinez - Debbie Gerow Memorial Bocce Tournament - The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser - Open – 4 person teams - Martinez Bocce Federation, Waterfront Park - contact Traci Malley @ 916-456-7169


May 14, 2005 - Florida - St. Augustine - Bocce at the Beach - Sponsored by the Sons of Italy, St. Augustine Lodge # 2780 to benefit Northeast Florida Community Hospice. Limited to 30 two-person teams. US Bocce Federation open rules. Contact Guy Tomasello @ 824-7043 or


May 21, 2005 - California - South San Francisco - Open -2 men/2 women - So. SF IACC - Orange Ave. Mem. Park - MUST HAVE ABA CARD. Contact Rudy Bertolozzi @ 650-583-9936.


May 28, 2005 - California - Stockton - I.A.C. - Volo – Doubles (Men) contact Ron Jacobs @ (209) 957-1223. Raffa – Singles Ranking, (Women) contact JoAnn Jacobs @ (209) 957-1223.


June 5, 2005 - California - Sutter Creek - Open – 4 Players. Contact Rick Wagstaff @ (209) 296-6151.


June 18 - 25, 2005 - Michigan - Orion - U.S. National Bocce Championships – Palazzo di Bocce, 4291 S. Lapeer Rd, Orion, MI 48359. Contact Bryan Sanborn at 248-371-9987 x13 or


June 25, 2005 - California - Fairfield - Women’s Tournament - Open – 4 person team - Fairfield Bocce Federation, 1200 Civic Center Dr. Contact Richard Meccette @ 707-434-0190.


July 4, 2005 - California - Martinez - Fourth of July Tournament - Open – 2 person team. Martinez Bocce Federation - Waterfront Park. Contact Bill Kantana @ (925) 228-3635.


July 9, 2005 - California - Martinez - Open - Norcal, 4 Players. Contact Ken Dothee @ 925-229-2157.


July 8-10, 2005 - Ohio - Dayton. The Bocce Classic XI tournament will field about 70 teams competing for over $7,000 in prize money and raising over $10,000 for local charities. For information check


July 14 – 16, 2005 – California - Indio - World’s Largest indoor guaranteed purse in the history of bocce ($16,000) - Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino - Phone: 800-827-2946. Contact Phil Ferrari @ 800-652-6223 - Open Division and (Fun) Challenge Division.


July 15 - 17, 2005 - New York - Rome - World Series of Bocce. 4 person teams - open rules - contact Toccolana Club @ 315-339-3609.


July 16, 2005 - California - Fairfield - John Magnetti Mem. Tourn. Open – 4 person team - Fairfield Bocce Federation, 1200 Civic Center Dr. Contact Richard Meccette @ 707-434-0190.


August 6, 2005 - ABA Senior Championships - Open – 4 person teams - Must be age 55 or over - TBA - MUST HAVE ABA CARD. Contact Traci Peters @ 916-456-7169.


August 20, 2005 - Michigan - Palazzo di Bocce Open Tournament. Contact Bryan Sanborn at 248-371-9987 x13 or email


September 16 - 18 - Canada - Ontario - Windsor - Ciociaro Club - 3 person teams - $6,000.00 guaranteed first place.


September 18 - 25, 2005 - Michigan – Orion - World Bocce Championships – Palazzo di Bocce, 4291 S. Lapeer Rd, Orion, MI 48359. Contact Bryan Sanborn at 248-371-9987 x13 or

Bocce mousepad, lunchbox, stein, etc.

Merchandise still available at

Check out the first-rate equipment we offer. The finest measuring devices for bocce (made in UK by Prohawk for lawn bowling, petanque, and bocce) - the finest bocce balls in the world (made in Italy by Perfetta) and the number one selling instructional book on bocce in America - Check them out.
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