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In This Issue: Vol. IV, Issue 44 - December 5, 2005 
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Notes from the publisher
The weekly Ezine for bocce aficionados everywhere
Volume 4, Issue #44 - December 5, 2005
Publisher: Mario Pagnoni Copyright 2005
76 Emsley Terrace, Methuen, MA 01844

Hello again bocce friends,

Good bocce things are happening this holiday season. The Isaac Mizrahi Show episode (where we schlepped a court to Manhattan so that Mizrahi could play bocce with Sopranos star Steve Schirripa) will air on Tuesday, December 13th. More detail below.

Also, some investors and I are in the planning/data gathering stages of building a bocce facility in the Boston area. Several meeting planned this month - details as they unfold.


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Bocce news & readers' feedback
{Publisher's comments in brackets...}

Mizrahi Show with bocce segment due to air...

You may recall a past issue where we told of our recent trip to The Big Apple. Martignetti Enterprises built a special portable court (24' by 8') that fit perfectly on the set of the Isaac Mizrahi Show.

Fashion designer Mizrahi has launched a new E! Entertainment show where he not only interviews his guests, but gets them involved in "related" activities.

One of his guests during our visit was Steve Schirripa (who plays Soprano character Bobby Bacala). Isaac and guest played a little bocce (actually just one frame - such is the nature of TV).

After the frame, with Schirripa scoring three points, the camera zoomed in on the scoreboard where I had strategically placed In addition, Mizrahi thanked "my friends from", and we will also get a screen credit. So, it looks like we'll get some high profile TV exposure for our sport, and for the Joy of Bocce too.

Who knows - maybe Oprah will come calling.

The episode airs on the Style Network - E! Entertainment at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, December 13th.

{That's me in the photo above showing Mizrahi and his producers and assistants how to play bocce.}



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Boccemon update on court shipped to Iraq...

"We are done. All in the mail. Here is a small part of the last letter from Iraq regarding The Joy of Bocce." {McNutt sent a copy of my book too.}

A serviceman writes to McNutt...

"Thanks for the construction pics. They're helping... so is the book. Keep it right by my bed beside the Ranger Handbook and the US Army Survival Manual."


Bill Jones sends news of Canadian bocce...

"Just a short note to let you know that I received the book Joy of Bocce.

I have spent quite a lot of time reading and I am amazed at how much info you have packed into it. I am sure I will find it very useful in many ways.

I have been into Lawn Bowling since 1992 and was into it in a fairly big way holding various offices along the way. Games Chairman, President, Greenskeeper, along with other minor positions.

My friend is on holiday in Holland at the moment, but when she comes back, we are going to the council to see if they would consider helping us to get this Bocce off the ground.

We have one court outside which was set up for the senior games in 2003, but we would like to see if we could get a couple of indoor courts.

So we have a lot of work ahead of us, if we do not have any success with the council, we will just play amongst ourselves, and see how much interest we can generate. We all have the bowls and are ready to go."

{Lawn bowlers converting to bocce - I like it.}


Combination bocce promotion and fund-raiser...

Our non-profit group (Ken Waldie Senior Sports Circuit, Inc.) which offers softball, basketball, and bocce to seniors (over the age of 50) is taking a new tack. We're offering company parties/outings at our bocce venue in North Andover, MA.

We'll charge a fee per person that includes the use of our four 80' by 12' courts, four sets of professional bocce balls, four scoreboards, and our expertise in running informal bocce sessions or in-house tournaments. Included will be a catered luncheon or dinner. In this way, we are promoting the game while making a couple bucks for our group which uses the funds to run our many sports programs.

If you are within commuting distance of North Andover, Mass., or know of a company or group who might be interested in a bocce party, please get the word to them. We'll teach them how to play if they don't know already, and will make sure everyone has an experience they won't soon forget.

Contact Mario Pagnoni at 978-686-8679 or Visit our web site to learn more about our non-profit group -

Shop at

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Photos of the week
This week's pictures show the action at the Havana Rollers Bocce League's season-ending banquet. Our group had a scrumptious dinner followed by an eight-team single elimination bocce tournament.

We held the event at the Sons Of Italy Lodge 902 in Lawrence, Mass. The venue sports two new 67' by 10' courts and an adjacent dining area. The setting was excellent, the food superb, and the bocce play spirited.

After the multi-course, sit-down dining extravaganza, we only had time for a single-elimination tournament. But that didn't curtail the enjoyment. The play was intense, but good-natured, and it was obvious that the rank and file appreciates the programs orchestrated by Commissioner Grella.

To make sure the event didn't extend into the wee hours of the morning, we used a timer. Matches were to 12 points or 30 minutes, whichever came first.

Bocce Commissioner Tom Grella Sr. puts in long hours organizing, and his efforts paid off big-time. This was a first-rate event. Click the picture above or the link below to view more photos.

View this week's photos

Bocce product of the week
Inexpensive holiday bocce gift - Precision Bocce Measures

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Non bocce product of the week
{Hey, bocce's great, but I'm always on the look-out for all kinds of good products for my readers}

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Tournament update
{chronological order}

Please - anyone running a tournament - do me a favor - put a notice near your tourney bracket board informing players that they can go to and "opt in" for my FREE Ezine on bocce. Click the logo to the right to opt in if you do not already receive this ezine every Monday.


Please consider designating someone as "official event photographer" and directing that person to send snapshots for us to reproduce as photos of the week. Our readers love seeing bocce action from around the continent.


December 17, 2005 - Massachusetts - Lawrence Sons of Italy, 155 Marston St. - Double elimination - 4-player teams. $100 entry fee includes coffee and donut breakfast, and sausage sandwich lunch. Contact Steve Zanni @ 978-687-6853.


February 11 & 12, 2006 - Michigan - Orion - Palazzo di Bocce - Mid-Winter Bocce Blast - Doubles (2-person teams), round-robin format, limited to 40 teams - $150 per team, paying top 10 places. 1st & 2nd places guaranteed $2,500 & $1,500 respectively. Registration deadline is Wednesday, February 8th. More info... Bryan Sanborn at 248-371-9987 x13 or email


March 31 - April 1, 2006 - Arizona American Italian Club
$200 team entry / 4 person teams and $4000.00 first prize. Second place = $2,000, 3rd = $1,000, 4th = $500. Contact Pasquale D'Alisio @ 602-569-9149 or


April 22, 2006 - California - San Francisco - Orange Ave. Mem. Park - Triples (3-person teams) - Open rules - contact Alvaro Bettucchi @ 650-871-9278.


April 29, 2006 - Washington - Bellingham Bay Bocce Tournament - 4th annual charity fundraiser ( this year for Hospice ). Four person teams $20/person, 32 teams. Details at or contact Tom at 360-224-2909.

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