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In This Issue: Vol. V, Issue 42 - November 27, 2006 
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Notes from the publisher
The weekly Ezine for bocce aficionados everywhere
Volume 5, Issue #42 - November 27, 2006
Publisher: Mario Pagnoni Copyright 2006
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Bocce news & readers' feedback
{Publisher's comments in brackets...}

Tom Belluomini of San Bruno, CA asks...

"I think I once saw a bocce court canopy or shade cover for the bocce court ends in your ezine. We would need a 12' by 12' or a 12' by 15' cover. We have four courts that need shade during the summer time.

Let me know if you have any info or if your readers have information on this product."

{Below is a discount coupon from an outfit that supplies canopies. Just click and view the products they have to offer. If any reader has other ideas/contact info for canopies, please REPLY and I'll get the word out here.}

Canopy Center


Dave Tash asks...

"I hear Bob Valvano is having a bocce tournament in Louisville, KY to raise money for the V FOUNDATION. Do you have any info about it?"

{This year's celebrity bocce tourney was held on September 26, 2006. Check out the web site at

I've met with Valvano and now often copy his tourney format for charity events.

Bobby V runs indoor bocce at Gotcha Bocce (see photos of the venue here ). You can reach Valvano for questions at .}


Ray Nadeau of Nashua, NH is building a bocce court and writes...

"The project includes putting in a round patio and a walkway with benches so the it will be a while before getting to the finish layer on the court.

I was going to make the court using St. Helena's instructions, but after your recent ezine on Carmine D'Agostino's Bocce court I have to admit that I much prefer the excellent work that he did. I may make mine similar once I figure out some of the details of how Carmine did his.

Keep up the good work on the website. It contains lots of useful information on the sport."

{I believe the St Helena reference is to The St. Helen'a Bocce Club - Napa County, CA. View pictures of Carmine D'Agostino's court here: View St. Helena web site here: }


CafePress, the online outfit that lets you upload your logo, place it on mugs, t-shirts, etc. and sell the items, sent a promotional email recently. It said "Take a timeout from the big game and find great sports themed Holiday gifts."

It highlights items with football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer logos. When you click on Browse More Gifts For Sports Fans, the following list comes up:

Auto Racing
Bull Riding
Cross Country
Figure Skating
Ice Skating
Table Tennis

Martial Arts
Jiu Jitsu
Muay Thai
Tae Kwon Do

Extreme Sports
Hang Gliding
Mountain Biking
Rock Climbing

They have everything but bocce. They even have volleyball and triathlon, albeit spelled incorrectly. Now, if you visit and search "bocce", you'll find more than 100 designs that can be printed on dozens of items. So, the problem is a familiar one. It's not that there are no bocce items for sale via CafePress virtual stores. It's that bocce is just not seen as part of the mainstream. The people at CafePress don't recognize bocce as a sport.

Why don't we all send an email to CafePress chastising them and reminding them not to leave our sport of choice out of the mix? Email by going to and lodging a complaint that bocce was left out of the sports gift mailing - click here:!PAGETYPE?VisitorProfile=cafepress if you want to weigh in on the subject }


Update from Bocce Bob Whitlow (IL)...

The Franklin-Williamson Foundation jumped from fourth to second place after taking three games from Southern Illinois Bank at Bocce USA. “It was an entire team effort” stated referee John Holland. “All four players were on tonight.”

McCord’s Market squeaked by Greg Galli Auto Body taking two of three games. After splitting the first two games and the score tied at, Jay Bussler rolled a ball close to the pollina for the potential winning point.

Jesse Burress of Marion locked in on target and bumped Bussler’s ball away and sticking his ball for the hopeful win. McCord’s player Donna Ellis knew what she had to do. It was not to roll short and go for point as it was all on the line. Ellis rolled a perfect ball stopping an inch away from the pollina, winning the game for McCord’s.

Earlier in the evening, Severin’s All Stars-n-Stitches battled defending champions Stotlar Lumber Company. Severin’s won the first game nine to one. In the second match is was Stotlar’s winning nine to five. In the third and crucial game Severin’s jumped out to a commanding lead of seven to three. Stotlar’s came back with a close point on the ground. Severin’s anchor player Mary Lynn Whitlow saw what Donna Ellis did on the opposite court and she knew not to be short on her roll. She tapped out Stotlar’s ball gaining the point which made eight points on the ground. Using her second ball, she rolled toward the pollina stopping just past the opponents' ball to win the match.

In the late session, J & S Professional Pharmacy and the West Frankfort Lion’s Club locked into a fierce battle. The Pill Pushers won the first game nine to seven. In the second match the Lion’s slipped by nine to eight.

The third game was no different. Locked up at five and five, Tammy Irvin, subbing for Kathy Escue, rolled in for two points making the score seven to five. The Lion’s roared back taking one point the next frame. In the final frame, Tyler Mathews rolled in taking the Lion’s point away making eight points on the ground. After a long look at her target, Irvin released a winning roll as her ball stopped just inside her opponents' ball giving the Pharmacy the win and two out of three games. Irvin was selected Player of the Game.

Boneyard Boccie Ball Club remain in first place. They automatically received forty-two points for the night being the bye team and not playing.

League standing after 10/30/06

Boneyard Boccie Ball Club 145
Franklin-Williamson Foundation 140
Severin’s All-Stars and Stitches 133
Stotlar Lumber Company 121
Greg Galli Auto Body 116
Southern Illinois Bank 101
J & S Professional Pharmacy 104
West Frankfort Lion’s Club 95
McCord’s Market 94



Landscape architect and bocce lover Michael Grasser has launched a terrific new web site (with a little help from yours truly). Mike retails the Italian-made Super Martel Bocce products including high end bocce balls, shoes, scoreboards, and measures.

There is a huge inventory of balls (sets of 4, bag and pallino purchased separately). These are not the K-Mart specials that a lot of recreation players prefer. These are the real deal. According to Grasser "In pointing, they start straight and finish straight. When shooting, they have the anti-rebound characteristics that the professionals demand."

Check it out at . A set of 4 Super Martel Italian made bocce balls would make a very special gift for the bocce lover in your life.


Grandfather Clocks


Photos of the week
This week's photos again come from two sources.

Our friend George Farruggio from Florida sends this...

"Hi Everyone: This is George Farruggio of the Punta Gorda Elks Bocce Association. We had a very special guest come Friday, 11/3/06. Dr. Cordano and his lovely wife Vicky. We played about 4 or 5 games of bocce and had a great time. The picture of the goup is the team that played the Dr. and at the right side is my wife. I took the picture but forgot to take another with me in it...maybe next time. After we played and of course the Dr. won all the games except one. The one he lost was because I had his wife as my partner. We had lunch at my house and then went to a great Peruvian restaurant for dinner. We had a great day. ENJOY THE PICTURES."


The second photo contributor this week is Laura Carrico of the Palazzo di Bocce. She sends great pics plus the following Press Release:

"Largest bocce purse in North American draws crowd to Michigan - Bocce Invitational attracts top players as support for sport grows

ORION TOWNSHIP, Mich. November 6, 2006 - The Battaglia Bocce Invitational, just completing its sixth year, attracted 34 of the best teams in North America on October 27th-28th, 2006. The event included several teams from Palazzo di Bocce, including one that took home the top prize of $8,000. With a total purse of $16,500, the event has the largest purse for a tournament of its kind in North America.

The winning three-person team, Palazzo di Bocce #3, was led by Jorge Moreno of Rochester Hills, MI. He was joined by Jose Botto, also of Rochester Hills, and Fabio Fin of Chicago, IL. Team Delorme of Montreal placed 2nd and Team Montreal of Montreal placed 3rd.

Another Palazzo di Bocce team captained by Jason Wisniewski, Bocce Manager at Palazzo di Bocce, took seventh place at the Battaglia Bocce Invitational. Earlier this year, Wisniewski’s team won the North American Team Championships and placed fifth at the World Championships, held in Brazil, the best finish ever for a U.S. team.

'The BBI continues to be a wonderful opportunity for the top bocce players in the area and from around the United States and Canada to demonstrate their skills,' says Wisniewski.

In addition to local teams based at the Palazzo di Bocce, competitors from California, Florida, St. Louis, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Cleveland and Windsor, Ont., were present at the Battaglia Bocce Invitational.

Anthony Battaglia, developer and owner of Palazzo di Bocce, founded the event in 2001, hosting the tournament at his home before moving it in 2004 to the then, newly built Palazzo di Bocce.

'Bocce is a game that’s unique in a number of respects, most notably because its simplicity appeals to people of any age,' says Battaglia, a former construction company executive who took up the game in the early 1990s. A competitive player himself, Battaglia was designated as 'Ambassador for Development of Bocce in the North American Market' by the Confédération Bouliste Internationale (CBI) and its President, Mr. Romolo Rizzoli in 2006.

Battaglia’s goal of increasing the competitive level of bocce play in North America includes incorporating the Battaglia Bocce Invitational into a Professional Bocce Organization Tour as a Masters-type event in the 2007-2008 season.

'The momentum for bocce is most certainly going to continue, thanks in part to the popularity of tournaments like the BBI,' said Battaglia. A unique characteristic of Palazzo di Bocce is being able to offer both competitive play and the social aspect of the sport, underscoring the fact that the game for many is 'just plain fun.'

'We are doing our part here at Palazzo di Bocce to make sure that people from around the country get the chance to experience this game in an ideal environment. That will continue.'

Battaglia has plans to open another Palazzo di Bocce in Chicago (in 2008) with other cities to follow.

For further information, visit or call 248-371-9987."


{Thanks to both contributors for keeping the Joy of Bocce Weekly supplied with excellent material. Please follow their lead by submitting photos and info from your bocce travels.}

View this week's photos

Bocce product of the week
Bocce Gifts for the Holidays

I've been very careful not to offer too many bocce products via my ezine or web site. If you find something listed there, I've evaluated it and can recommend it to you without reservation.

Here are some gift suggestions for the bocce lover in your life (order early to avoid last minute holiday shipping stress).

Joy of Bocce 2nd Edition - autographed copy of my book - still the single best thing a bocce player can own. It's packed full of info on how to play, rules, building a court and even includes some of the best of the Joy of Bocce Weekly. The recipient can use it as a reference, bone up on the rules, read up on the game's history and lore, and view hundreds of photos from around the continent and the world.

Three hundred pages encompassing everything you wanted to know about bocce but were afraid to ask - $19.45 plus shipping.

Don't forget to inform me of any special inscription/dedication you want me to include.

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Precision Bocce Measures

I evaluated a host of them and these are the three I like best. Choose the Clubhawk Gold, Henselite Bowls, or Premier Boule Measure. You can't go wrong with any of the choices. Once a bocce aficionado has a set of bocce balls and my book, the next logical acquisition is a first-rate measure. Each retails here for $22.95. Visit for photos.


T-shirts, mugs and a myriad of other assorted items with the Joy of Bocce logo. I'm partial to the coffee mug pictured above - the logo stands out beautifully on the face of the cup. Click to view dozens of neat bocce items of apparel (prices vary). There's even a Joy of Bocce holiday tree ornament and a 39-cent Joy of Bocce US Postage Stamp - now you can even mail the Joy of Bocce!


Bocce Court Maintenance Tools

If the gift is for someone who owns a bocce court, these are two great ideas:

7' Drag Brush

Manufactured by Lee Tennis, this court maintenance tool created for tennis courts works exceptionally well for bocce courts. The 7-foot drag brush is light-weight and, even if you have a 13- or 14-foot wide court, you can smooth it over with just two passes. This is quick enough to do between games without players standing around waiting very long.

Retails for $149.95 plus shipping.


This strangely named 30” wide device is actually two implements in one. It is an all-aluminum combination tool for scarifying, leveling, and removing loose court material.

Strong and sturdy, the tool is light enough to handle with ease and is excellent for spreading new material during top-dressing. The concave shape of the 30” wide blade allows the tool to “float” along the surface without digging in. Use the serrated edge to scrape material from high spots, then flip the tool over to rake and smooth that spot and drag the loose material to fill in a lower point. Retails for $54.95 plus shipping.

photos and more info for these two products at

Click to view photos of merchandise...

Non bocce product of the week
{Hey, bocce's great, but I'm always on the look-out for all kinds of good products for my readers}

Market America Isotonix® Vitamin C

From the Market America company web site...

"VITAMIN C FORMULA is a water-soluble vitamin that should be taken daily in addition to the MultiTech and Antioxidant Formula. Vitamin C plays a significant role in a variety of metabolic functions. It strengthens the immune system. It helps in the synthesis of collagen, which strengthens the cardiovascular system. Low intake of vitamin C is common in the United States and should specifically be addressed by the Elderly."

Click the link below to get more info...improve your health and maybe even your bocce game too!

Click for more info on Market America Isotonix® Vitamin C and other health products

Tournament update
{chronological order}

Please - anyone running a tournament - do me a favor - put a notice near your tourney bracket board informing players that they can go to and "opt in" for my FREE Ezine on bocce. Click the logo to the right to opt in if you do not already receive this ezine every Monday.


Please consider designating someone as "official event photographer" and directing that person to send snapshots for us to reproduce as photos of the week. Our readers love seeing bocce action from around the continent.


December 8 - 10, 2006 - Canada - Canada Bocce Club, 2501 Rutherford Road in Concord Ontario, (10 mins north of Toronto). 4 international size indoor courts - 2 person team, open rules - back board dead, double elimination - entry fee = $80 per team and guaranteed prizes of $5000 with $2000 for first. Details: call Americo or Louie at Canada Bocce Club 905-832-4493 or email Pat Pezzin (President of Ontario Bocce Association) @ .


March 9 - 11, 2007. Florida - Cape Coral - Veterans Park Bocce Courts, 4140 Coronado Pkwy. 4 player teams w/ 1 alternate. Open Rules, Round Robin format. Prize money to top 5 place finishers. 1st place $7,000.00 guaranteed. 2nd - 5th place amounts determined by number of teams entered. Entry fee = $400.00 per team. Must register by Feb 10, 2007. More info: George Furlan at 239-275-9968 or 1-800-226-0604 - Cell 239-229-2348, e-mail = .


September 15, 2007 - Virginia - Oronoco Park, on the Potomac - First Annual San Gennaro Italian Festival of Alexandria. Ben Brenman Park in Alexandria Virginia (just outside Washington DC). Info on website: . Contact = Jay DeCianno @

Joy of bocce t-shirts, mugs, buttons, magnets, etc.

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