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In This Issue: Vol. VII, Issue 28 - August 25, 2008 
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Notes from the publisher
The weekly Ezine for bocce aficionados everywhere
Volume 7, Issue #28 - August 25, 2008
Publisher: Mario Pagnoni Copyright 2008
76 Emsley Terrace, Methuen, MA 01844 (vm 800-211-1202 ext 4949)

Hi gang.

Back for another week...after a short publishing apologies...

My friend the financial planner who I wrote about last issue (he's the one that says I should charge for the ezine) has written a well thought out email and I promised him that I'd post it this week. It's listed below in the "Bocce news and readers' feedback" section. Let me know if you have any thoughts on the subject.

On another note, we're struggling here in New England with one of the rainiest summers in memory. It seems that every day there are thunderstorms, some with torrential downpours, lightning and hail. Our bocce season is suffering and many of the local courts have a troubling fresh bloom of moss. Yet, we carry on. Bocce abides, no matter what obstacles present themselves. See this week's photos for how we sometimes deal with thunderstorms flooding our bocce courts.

Stay close and always be up front,
Mario Pagnoni (The Bocce Guy)

Ruby Hill Golf Club (Pleasanton, CA)...

Bocce news & readers' feedback
{Publisher's comments in brackets...}

Don Herman asked this question last issue...

"I want to find a kiss the fanny plaque as a gift. Can you help?"

{My initial response was: Most of the "kiss the fanny" objects I see are on eBay, usually (France).

P.S. The fanny tradition comes to us from petanque. The losers, when shut out 13 - 0, must kiss the fanny (usually ceramic) in the presence of the victors.}

Playaboule's Bede Kortegast responded...

"We have the 'Fannies' in stock. The exact ones in the photo in your newsletter. 7 and 10.5 inches tall. Prices are $15 and $30 each.

Contact Bede or his staff at


Here's that email from my good friend Tom Grella that I alluded to above...


This email is for you. But I request that you put it in your next newsletter because I am writing it to your subscribers as well. But of course that decision is yours.

My name is Tom Grella. I am the friend that Mario referred to in his last week's newsletter regarding charging a small annual $10 subscription fee. I sent this email to him and I asked that he include it in his next issue though it would not surprise me if he didn't.

I assume most of you only know Mario through his newsletter or book. You have not had the pleasure of meeting or getting to know our "Bocce Guy" and his wife Carmela. If you use a scale of 1 thru 10, 10 being the best, to measure the goodness and character of a person, Mario and Carmela are both a 10. They are two of the kindest, most unselfish souls I have ever met. To know them is to love them.

Regarding charging a subscription fee, I urge you to send Mario an email encouraging him to do so. You are probably wondering, is this guy nuts! Why on earth would I do that?

Why should I ask someone to charge me for something that I am already getting for free.

Good question.

You would do it because you love the game of bocce and no one promotes the game with more dedication than Mario. Do it because you want to thank him for keeping it free for so long in spite of me who tells him that he's crazy. Do it because $10.00 is an absolutely ridiculously cheap price for 52 weeks of a newsletter. You probably spend more than that in a week just for coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

Do it because we are one big extended family brought together in some small way by bocce, Mario and the internet. And you want to help promote more communication within our family by giving him feedback like this for his newsletter.

Finally, do it because Mario is a great human being, and all of our lives are made just a little bit richer because of him.

Good luck and good bocce playing,

Tom Grella"

{Wow! I'm blushing now because of the heartfelt compliments from my dear friend. If Carmela and I are 10s, he and his Joanne are 11s!}


Phil Ferrari sends this...

"This year four teams from the united states will compete in the North American Championships in Canada on September 19, 20, and 21, 2008. These teams competed in the United States Bocce Federation National Championships in Highwood, IL in June of this year and were the final four from this tournament. The USBF selects four top finishers to compete in this most prestigious event. As you already know the Alpine Country Club in Round Lake won the gold in the most coveted competition."


Ken Driscoll says...

"Being an avid Bocce player I love anything Bocce, so recently while on a camping trip, we stopped by a Wal-Mart in the area and while looking in the sport section for anything new odd or whatever I could spend more money on Bocce I can across something I have never see before. Put out by Sportcraft, it is called "Bean Bag Bocce" and, while not a true game of Bocce, it is good enough to provide a quick Bocce fix for those stuck inside. It comes with Anywhere horseshoes and sells for under 20 bucks. Not a bad game. You get eight beanbags, four red, four blue with printings on them to match those of a bocce, that is to say two red square, two red round, two square blue and of course two blue round.

Thanks again for the newsletter."


Lio from Pinstripes sends news...

"We are having a Bocce Exhibition against a team from Italy so I was wondering if you could post it on your newsletter. Also I think it is great what you are doing for the game of bocce."

Click here:


Steve Cedrone sends news of a Grand Lodge Bocce Tournament (all players must be Sons of Italy members) in Massachusetts. October 5, 2008 - Belmont, Massachusetts. Contact Steve @ . Click for Entry Form:


Under the heading - Danger - Bocce/Boules


Here's a pdf file with all the info you need for the October 17, 18, and 19 bocce event in Phoenix, Arizona.


Blast from the past...

Volume #1, Issue #38 - October 7, 2002

Here's a question that comes up every once in a while. It was answered perfectly back in 2002 by Mike Conti of the United States Bocce Federation...

Do players have to play or even just drop the final bocce ball or balls if the winning point is already secured…

“When Yogi Berra made the comment 'It's not over until it’s over' he also meant when it is over it is over. When you win you want to celebrate and thank your opponents for a good game, not drop balls in front of your opponents' face, that's like rubbing it in. I would also like to know what happens if you don't drop your remaining balls and start celebrating? Do you lose the game or frame? Don't make the game complicated, make it simple.

Keep the ball rolling.”


Joy of Bocce 3rd Edition - Photos Needed

I’ve decided to do a third edition, re-doing almost all the photographs. I’ve got a great new digital camera and can re-take many of the shots. In addition, I’m asking readers to submit new pics – at least 300 dpi is the goal. I'm asking you and my friends like court builders David Brewer, Mike Grasser, and Tom McNutt to re-submit photos of their best courts. The new edition will probably not be much different in terms of text (although I may tighten it a bit – friends of mine say to me…”Leave it to you to write a book this thick on bocce”).

I'll need your help with this effort. Please submit high quality (300 dpi) pics (and permission to reprint) of bocce in your neck of the woods. This project will be my main focus for 2008. Please help.

Cleveland International Challenge Cup of Bocce...

Photos of the week
Court Flooded? We have a quick fix (well, maybe not that quick) if you absolutely have to get the games in.

This summer has been a rainy one here in New England. In Massachusetts it seems like we've had a thunderstorm or two just about every day.

If your bocce court doesn't drain well or fast enough for you, you might want to consider the technique used in this week's photo display.

Photos courtesy of Clare Coco Photography ( ).

View this week's photos

Bocce product of the week

I've evaluated these and they are great. They're very sturdy and obviously of high quality. What a bonus - they're the "right" size for bocce – 107 mm.

These are not the balls that glow under black lights, these have internal lights that blink when you activate them.

All you need do is turn the cap on each ball clockwise to start its light flashing. Turn the cap counterclockwise to turn off the light. These are great fun to play on the carpet in the rec room with the lights turned off. Children and adults seem to like them equally well.

Playaboule always has the most reasonably priced bocce items on the web. Their low prices make some of us in the "bocce business” wonder how they make any money.

Worth every penny of the $99.95 list price, this set is a “steal” at the sale price of $59.95.

For more info or to order, check out Playaboule's newly revised (and much improved) web site which includes a well done video on how the light up bocce set works. {Click the picture above - copyright Playaboule - or the link below.}

From the web site:

We own the molds.!!

This set is the ONLY official Bocce size 107mm dia Lighted Bocce Ball set available anywhere in the world. We guarantee it.!

• This set includes ALL of the following:
• Set of 8 FLASHING Glo Bocce balls
• 2 Glow Green, 2 Glow Blue, 2 Gow Red, 2 Glow Yellow
• 1 Glow White jack ( pallina )
• Nylon carry case with webbing handles
• 2 sets of batteries ( one is preinstalled for testing purposes)
• Screwdriver ( to undo battery enclosure )
• Instructions
• Measuring string and Tape measure
The balls are made of a high quality, durable resin material, with the Playaboule logo molded in. Because the balls are translucent the LED light can shine through making the balls flash and glow in the dark. Simply rotate the screw-cap to turn the light on/off (see video) to activate your lighted bocce set.

Note: Replaceable Alkaline batteries are pre-installed and are included for testing purposes only. A fresh set is also included. Batteries can last for much more than 20 hours.

We designed these balls as a solid sphere then drilled and threaded a hole in the side for the LED plug. Being solid, these balls are almost unbreakable.!!! You can crash the balls together without fear of damaging the balls or the LED components.

Great recreational set and perfect for evening play! At the beach, camping, back yard, etc. When the sun goes down don't stop playing, START playing with this glo bocce ball set."

{P.S. There's an equally good Glo Boules set that are petanque size... click this link: }

Check out Glo Bocce at Playaboule...

Non bocce product of the week
{Hey, bocce's great, but I'm always on the look-out for all kinds of good products for my readers}


Shop at Grills Direct

Tournament update
{chronological order}


Don't let the West Coast players hog all the space!


Please - anyone running a tournament - do me a favor - put a notice near your tourney bracket board informing players that they can go to and "opt in" for my FREE Ezine on bocce. Click the logo to the right to opt in if you do not already receive this ezine every Monday.


Please consider designating someone as "official event photographer" and directing that person to send snapshots for us to reproduce as photos of the week. Our readers love seeing bocce action from around the continent.


August 30, 2008 – California - Stockton. Italian Athletic Club. RAFFA, 3 players including at least 1 woman. Contact Romano Lotti @ 209-951-8256.


September 6, 2008 - Washington - Seattle. 3rd Annual Woodland Park Bocce Classic. Open play 4-person teams on grass courts (putting surface quality). Registration fee $15 per player includes barbecue. For registration form, send e-mail to or call Mark Charonis @ 206-524-1416.


September 13, 2008 – California - South San Francisco. 23rd Annual Italian American Games. Italian American Citizen’s Club - RAFFA, 3 players. Contact Alvaro Bettucchi @ 650-871-9278.


September 19 - 21, 2008 - Canada,- Vaughan, Ontario (10 miles north of Toronto). North American Championships. 8 Men's Teams (4 USA and 4 Canada) and 6 Women's Teams (3 USA and 3 Canada) playing in a group format and following the International Rules of Punto Raffa Volo. Teams qualified to represent thier respective countries earlier this year.

September 20, 2008 – California - Los Gatos. Los Gatos Bocce Club Tournament, RAFFA, 3 players. Contact Bill Schlaefer @ 408-379-9409.


September 21, 2008 – California - San Mateo. Beresford Park. Peninsula Italian American Social Club. OPEN, 4 players including at least 1 woman player. Contact Adriano Undorte @ 650-591-3318.


Sept 27, 2008 - California, San Rafael - Marin Bocce Federation - Open - 4 players. Contact Diana Pellegrini @ 415-485-5583.


October 4, 2008 – California - South San Francisco. Italian American Citizen’s Club - OPEN, 4 women players. Contact Elda Mazzanti @ 650-588-4924.


October 5, 2008 - Massachusetts - Belmont. Grand Lodge of Massachusetts (Sons of Italy) Tournament. 93 Concord Ave., Belmont, MA. All players must be SOI lodge members. Contact Steve @ . Click for Entry Form:


October 11, 2008 – California - Sutter Creek. Italian Benevolent Society. OPEN, 4 players including at least 1 woman. Contact Rick Wagstaff @ 209-296-6151.


October 17 -19, 2008 - Arizona - Phoenix. 3rd Annual International Bocce Tournament. Arizona American Italian Club. Four-person teams. Contact Pasquale and Vince D'Aliesio via


October 18, 2008 – California - South San Francisco. Italian American Citizen’s Club, VOLO, doubles. Contact Alvaro Bettucchi @ 650-871-9278.


October 25, 2008 – California - Los Gatos. Campo di Bocce, “Big Ben Tournament”. RAFFA, doubles. Contact Ben Musolf @ 408-857-0074.


November 1, 2008 – California - Sacramento. East Portal Bocce Club. OPEN, 4 players. Contact Vernon Cooper @ 916-961-2404.


November 13 - 16, 2008 – Nevada - Reno. Peppermill Hotel & Casino. OPEN, 4 players. Contact Peppermill @ 800-648-6992.


December 6, 2008 – California - Stockton. Italian Athletic Club. OPEN, 4 players, including at least 2 women players. Contact Romano Lotti @ 209-951-8256.

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