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One of the neat things about bocce is that you don't need a whole lot of equipment. Once you have a good set of bocce balls you are basically set for life (although I am amazed at how many people lose object balls). The only other equipment you might need is a measuring device. People use all sorts of makeshift measures, string, sticks, and car antennae. And these are fine. But if you want to step up a bit and own a precision instrument (makes a great gift for any bocce lover) here are a couple suggestions from Prohawk Ltd. of the United Kingdom. Be aware that the Brits and the Scots and Aussies use "measure" as a noun where Americans use it more as a verb. UK = "Hand me the measure, bloke, and I will verify that the final point is mine and that you owe me a pint."
USA = "Toss me the tape, pal, and I'll measure this last point so you can buy me a beer."

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premier boule measure, measuring device, bocce scorer, tape measure, steel tape, point
Displayed to the left is my (handsomely packaged) favorite measuring device for bocce, the Premier Boule Measure. It is made in the United Kingdom for lawn bowls and boules players. I think it is the best value and the most handy measure of all that I have evaluated. Check out the photos and features below.

$27.95 Plus Shipping

measuring device
The Premier is the size of a small tape measure (extends 2 meters - about 6 1/2 feet) and fits neatly into a pocket. It has an ingenious scoring mechanism built into the face of the device so you can tally points for both teams. In addition, it has fixed calipers that fold out when you need to check those really close points (see below).
premier measure
Place the pointed peg (left) against the object ball and depress the lever (top) to extend tape. When the tape's pointer touches the "equator" of the ball being measured, release the lever and the self-locking mechanism will engage. Avoid tapping the lever and letting the tape fly into its housing. To rewind, it is safest to hold the extended end while pressing the lever and gently guide it back into position.
bocce measure
Here I've turned the measure on its side to reveal the calipers that we use for those oh,
so close calls.

Strictly speaking, the Premier Boule Measure is not actually a tape measure since there are no calibrations on the tape. In bocce, bowls and boules we don't need to know the actual distance between the balls that we measure - we just need to know which are closer together and which are farther apart.
To the right is another good measure option for the discriminating bocce player. The Clubhawk Gold Bowls Measure is a bit larger than the Premier and uses string (that extends to 9 feet) instead of a metal tape.

$27.95 Plus Shipping

Clubhawk Gold, measure, bocce measuring device, string measure, point
The Clubhawk Gold is very popular around the globe. It is not as comfortable a fit in the pocket as the Premier but does feature a belt clip and calipers.

Clubhawk Gold uses a string mechanism that works similarly to the Premier (press button at top to release string - self locking mechanism - use care in recoiling).

Clubhawk Gold has those hide-away calipers for precision calls!
Both Premier and Clubhawk packaging reads "In the unlikely event of a malfunction of this quality product, please return for repair or replacement (with proof of purchase) to: Prohawk Ltd..."
Henselite Bowls Measure, bocce measuring device, telescopic measure
The Henselite Bowls Measure is a small metal telescopic device not much bigger than a ball point pen. The measure is approximately 6 inches when closed but extends to a full meter. It is an ingeniously devised tool for inside measurement. The head of the tool is equipped with a screw-top mechanism. Turning the top in one direction lengthens the tool, while winding in the opposite direction shortens it. {Business card in photo for scale}
This nifty device fits in and clips onto your shirt pocket. It even has calipers for checking those really close points. It is the perfect gift for the bocce aficionado in your life. Like our other measures, it retails for $27.95 plus shipping.

The player or referee first estimates the distance between the pallino and bocce ball to be measured. Then, s/he extends the appropriate telescopic sections to a length slightly less than that estimate. Next, s/he places the device between the pallino and ball in question and extends it until it touches both. Care must be taken not to disturb the positions of balls being measured. The risk is worth it as "inside measurement" is the most accurate. When you whip this sucker out of your pocket to settle a bocce dispute, you are likely to become the envy of your teammates and opponents alike.
EPCO Ball Polish is specially formulated for polishing Bocce Balls. It restores shine and superior grip with a non-abrasive formula that won't harm the ball surface. Repeated use will clean and polish them with no unwanted buildup.
It is $18.95 plus shipping.

Many believe that the best bocce balls in the world are made in Italy by Perfetta. This set consists of four 107 mm red balls, four 107 mm green balls, one white pallino, and a well-constructed nylon carrying bag. Click below to order the Perfetta Set @ $129.99 plus $25 s/h. It's not cheap - but it's quality!

Call re: availability - 978-686-8679.

NEW! I've made a deal with Robert Parrella of Paramount Industries in Medway, Massachusetts to offer high quality bocce sets to our readers at a great price.

I visited with Parella at his headquarters and carefully evaluated his products. I was impressed!

The traditional four red balls, four green balls (same specs as the Perfetta including the all-important 107 mm size), yellow pallino, and heavy duty carrying bag can be yours for $119.

Tournament Glo Bocce -- Glows under black light for great night-time excitement.

Manufactured with the same composition resin as EPCO's Tournament Bocce sets.

Brilliant Glo colors.

Model #4200 Glo 107 mm ($126.00).
Complete set includes Glo white Pallina.

This 7-foot drag brush is the ultimate bocce court maintenance tool. I've seen many home-made court brushes and scrapers. Two things have always struck me about them. 1 - they look home-made and 2 - they tend to be HEAVY.

Lee Tennis manufactures these for tennis courts but they are well suited for bocce too. Even if you have a 13- or 14-foot wide court you can groom it with just two passes - quick enough to do between games. Bristles are 4 1/2 inches of synthetic fibers and the strong but light-weight frame is aluminum. Retails for $210.95 plus shipping.

bocce drag brush

Lute/Scarifier (30" width) is an all-aluminum combination tool for scraping up high spots (with serrated edge) and moving the material to another spot (flip tool over to use smooth edge). Strong and sturdy, this nifty device is light enough to use with ease. Excellent for spreading and leveling new top-dressing. $84.95 plus shipping.

bocce lute scarifier

NEW! Joy of Bocce Scoreboard - just 3 parts - the base, the scoreboard, and 2 screws - no tools needed.

Step on the base to drive it into the ground at half court. You can see the scoreboard from both ends of the court.

A little effort and it is set.

Set to add the scoreboard.

Add two small screws just in case someone bumps into the scoreboard.

Set to go. The scoreboard is laminated and should stand up well to the elements.

You gotta love it! Slide the black scoring indicators up and down - they click in when they hit the right spot.

We're working on a stand in case you want to use the scoreboard indoors on a carpeted area.
Retail price is $159.95 plus $30 shipping from the UPS Store. I hope you'll like it. For more than one scoreboard email Mario@Joyofbocce.com or call 978-686-8679.

SOLD OUT - CALL FOR MORE INFO - 978-686-8679

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