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Bocce Sites of Interest

Bocce Master Rico Daniele is one of the biggest promoters of bocce on the East Coast. He carries a full line of bocce accessories including Italian-made bocce balls, measuring devices, scoreboards, caps, t-shirts, mugs, and more. The link below is to his bocce site.

Bryan Mero's www.iBocce.com is a nifty and very complete site including info on bocce courts, rules, events, and bocce products. Click his link below.

Peter Ferris gives a first person singular account of his experience with, and love for bocce. There is a wealth of good information here, and Peter shares it with an engaging style and obvious passion for the game. Click his link below.

Peter Ferris, Bocce Aficionado

The United States Bocce Federation (USBF) is a non-profit organization promoting bocce, and lobbying to get bocce certified as an Olympic event. This site includes very helpful tips on improving bocce skills.

The Bocce Standards Association is making a concerted effort to standardize bocce courts and equipment to "raise bocce to the level of other major sports."

Bocce Standards Association

The American Bocce Club is made up of some young "movers and shakers" who are putting NY bocce on the map - Peter Rabito is the current President.

Tom McNutt is a bocce lover with a sense of humor. Check his site out (www.boccemon.com) which features an ingenious t-shirt that doubles as a scoreboard. McNutt sells a court surface which is an "oyster shell blend" and ships nationwide.

Phil Ferrari is president of The World Bocce Association based in Illinois. He runs tournament events and retails bocce equipment including a new instructional video.

Italiansrus.com is an interesting site featuring everything Italian. "Your guide to Italian Culture on the Web." {EVERYBODY is playing bocce today - not just Italians}

Letsplaybocce.com features rules, history, merchandise and links to other bocce sites.

Collegium Cosmicum ad Buxeas. Webmaster Ron Broglio's excellent site gets my vote as the most impressive, informative and complete bocce site on the web. Includes detailed diagrams of court construction created by Broglio's engineering firm.

This site - www.SportsKnowHow.com contains 3-D Diagrams of the traditional Bocce Court, Bocce History, a list of the major Bocce Governing Bodies and a Bocce How-To page.

Palazzo di Bocce (America's Bocce Pallace - Michigan)

Benji Tosi's volo site boccevolo.com.

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