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Toccolana Club, Rome, NY - Home of the World Series of Bocce

The annual double elimination event draws over 100 four-player teams - Open Division and Women's.

Four-player teams with each player rolling one ball and all eight players walking back and forth to play both ends of the court.

The venue features 9 outdoor covered courts and 6 indoor courts. All have a stone dust surface that is noticeably higher along both sides to coerce rolled balls to move toward the center of the court.

They play the backboard live hereabouts. I don't think there are many places left that do. Most feel that it takes a lot more skill and a lot less luck to play the back wall dead {a ball is normally ruled "dead" and removed from play unless it first strikes another ball}.

This is a very well run event. The organizers appear to have the program on "automatic pilot" after having such a long run of continued success.

These organizers know what they are doing!

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