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The Family Business


Mario Pagnoni

Author A.K.A "The Bocce Guy" 

and also "The Voice of Bocce"


I was a public school teacher and coach for 32 years (but it only seems  like three decades). Don't get me wrong - I loved teaching and coaching  all those years - but I'm moving on to other things. I took early  retirement as of June 2002 to spend time writing, and running sporting  events for seniors.

After years of pounding on my knees as a high school, college, and  amateur athlete, bocce has become a kinder, gentler sport for me.  Although I love to play, I'm not a great player. My contribution is that  I interviewed the top players and assembled information from many  sources, creating a compact, easy-to-read book.


Writer and Author

Mario seen here autographing a new copy of the Joy of Bocce book at the old Sons of Italy for a new customer.


The love for the game

 After all these years, our family intends to keep the bocce business running.  We have recently released the Joy of Bocce 5th Edition published by Mountain Lion Books. 

We are  interested in keeping the spirit of the Joy of Bocce alive and continue to run  tournaments and corporate outings just as Mario had done.

Feel free to contact us about running charity events or bocce  tournaments.  We are used to showcasing these events with bocce as the focal point. These things are "right up our alley"!