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Har-Tru surface

We sell Har-Tru Top Dressing

Har-Tru completed surface

After playing on my backyard stone dust bocce court for many years, I  "stepped up" 

to the much faster Har-Tru surface. 

With the help of my  "bocce crew" we top dressed the court with an inch of the Har-Tru  material which is used on fine clay tennis courts.


Initially concerned about drainage, I found that once the material  "set up" or "cured," it drained

quite well. 

The final test was when we  had heavy rainfall 

on a Sunday and were able to play our 

regular Monday morning league 

the next day. That's when I knew I could

endorse the  product without reservation.

Adding Har-Tru surface onto our bocce court

Finished Court

Completed bocce court with Har-Tru surface

We sell the best Har-Tru for your bocce court.

First, have the length and width of your 

court in feet ready.  

Second, tell  us if you plan on 

putting down one or two inches of 

top dressing on  your court.

Then, call Carmela for a quote at 978-686-8679.


Breaking Balls documentary

Check out this great video

 "Breaking Balls" is a 75-minute feature length documentary film about  the game the Italians call bocce.  It is viewed through the lens of the  30th Anniversary "Cleveland Challenge Cup of Bocce" tournament.  The Challenge Cup is one of the largest bocce events in North America,  and is held every year at the Wickliffe Italian-American Club in  Wickliffe, Ohio, the last weekend of August.   

Mario, the Bocce Guy, is featured in John P. Vourlis' new 'Breaking  Balls' video which is now available on DVD on Amazon at: